A Simple Breath Work Technique to Release Tightness in the Chest

During times of stress and uncertainty, we start to grip bracing ourselves against perceived threat. Most often, our automatic physiological response kicks in with adrenalin surging through our systems preparing us to fight or take flight. It can all happen so quickly that we have not even noticed that our breathing has become more shallow. When we find ourselves not being able to breathe freely the chest becomes restricted physically. It can be uncomfortable at best and excruciating at worst with sharp pain assaulting our bodies.

Breath is the life force, this we all know. But do we recall that it is also symbolic of our ability to be present?

“Each breath is equivalent to a ‘now’ moment. We can use it to bring us back to the present. Draw your awareness to the inhale, to the exhale. As you do, survey your surrounds and exist in this moment. When in the now, we are able to notice all of the ways that we are safe, looked after and ok.”

Your presence to your breathing also means that more oxygen is flowing freely to the brain, supporting your thoughts and problem-solving to be clearer and, consequently, more effective. To quote the wise and aware Albert Einstein, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” The best we can do when faced with inherent challenge, is to breathe in a fresh breath, clear our minds and start again.

Sometimes, we get so caught up in our stress that we forget to check in on how we are feeling in our bodies. The added tension only limits the flow of fresh energy that we need more than ever when in a state of fear, worry or anxiety. Similarly, the mind may feel compressed and the tummy tied in knots.

Whether you feel constriction in your chest, heart, tummy or elsewhere, this simple breath work technique will support you to release tightness. It opens up space in the area that you focus on to alleviate any constriction. It is time to breathe more freely. It is time to “be” more freely. This is your now.

Take a few minutes to watch the instructional video and try it for yourself. If you find it useful, please give it a like and comment underneath to let me know how it helped you. You are most welcome to hit the subscribe bell to receive notification of new videos as I publish them.

Finally, please share with anyone you know who may be experiencing health anxiety, anxiety, stress or fear right now. Being in such states are never fun! These are challenging times for many and any relief I can provide is a privilege.

May you find peace, Sin 

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