Healing the Hearts of Horses.

Healing the Hearts of Horses.

A new dear friend, who is also a healer, recently posted a photo of her and a beautiful horse on Instagram. She mentioned to me later that one of her first healing experiences was with a horse when she was a child, adding that it was incredible to work and connect with them, and that I should try it if I ever get the opportunity.

We all know the Universe works in mysterious ways so it shouldn’t really have been a surprise that a week later I received an enquiry to channel guidance and healing for a horse here in the South of France, where I’ve been based. I was very excited!

While I have worked with many domestic pets before, my first session with a horse was incredible. It had to be remote as I was in Spain at the time. This had no bearing on the intensity of the healing session nor the pure guidance for the horse and owner. I was initiated into the majestic soul realms of horses. There is such a depth of emotion and a seriousness I didn’t anticipate.

A couple of days after the session I was invited to the ranch to do a number of sessions in person. Word had got around and I found myself back in France on a hot dry summer’s day in the company of horses and their loving owners, of various ages.

The air was filled with tangible magic, for myself, the horses, their owners and my trusty translator. Bales of healing and buckets of truth came to light to support much needed shifts for many.

I felt privileged to channel each session, that’s for sure.

My take home from intimately working with horses that day, was their boundless experience of emotion with their big brimming hearts. It is here that many horses store their memories, good ones and the sad or challenging ones.

While they don’t think and overthink the way we do, significant memories and even trauma, lingered on in many of their hearts and the third eye region. For some, ailments manifested as a result of trapped emotion and trauma, as is often the case for humans.

All of the horses I worked with were open and willing to receive energetic healing. They freely shared their concerns when asked if they had any questions or messages. In fact I witnessed their close ties with their owners and was surprised at their unwavering sense of responsibility and care of them! It was clear to me that they know a lot more about their human friends than one might expect.

Photo of horse client that Sin Mariani provided energetic healing and channeled guidance for.

The most significant purpose though of this article is the message to talk to your horses. Tell them about any changes you may be planning, even when moving them to a new paddock or thinking of finding them a companion. If the situation arises where you need to provide a new owner, communicate this clearly to your horse. You can reassure the horse that it is still loved and going to a welcoming new home. They understand more than we give them credit for.

By communicating what’s going on and any future plans, you keep your horse informed and support it to emotionally process what’s happening in their life. They remember this too, how you cared for them and talked to them.

This type of communication also works with cats and dogs. If you’re going on holidays and you’ve planned alternative arrangements for your pets inform them of this: where you’re going, why, how long for and who will be taking good care of them. Be sure to give them a couple of weeks notice if possible and more frequent reassuring reminders as you approach your departure date.

I’ve discovered so much about certain species of mammals I’ve worked with over the years and their tendencies. Many humans like to think that animals don’t have feelings, memories or deep experiences, but they do. For this reason I hope this guidance helps animal lovers, pet owners and your furry friends/family.

We too learn through open communication so feel free to discuss this information with others. If one more horse or pet benefits from a more communicative owner then I have succeeded in my purpose of sharing this knowledge with you.

If you would like individual to book a channeled guidance or healing session for you, your horse or other pet contact Sin. Please know that energetic healing can assist with the shifting of old emotions, blocks, trauma and physical health.

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Calling all Healers, Energy Workers & Light Practitioners.

Calling all Healers, Energy Workers & Light Practitioners.

Crystals carry energetic properties to support healing, allow flow, provide clarity, stimulate creativity and various other purposes. Charged within the soil directly by the earth’s core, they await the time to deliver their purpose more noticeably in the outside world. 

It is not that they do not already exist in possession of these energetic properties. It is their eventual discovery by humans that brings their magic to light. By this, I mean the light of day. For their magic has always existed, under the earth’s top surface, humming away and aligning energies. This is what they know to do, to carry and transform energies.

Now it is time for many of you, the healers, the energy workers, the light practitioners to climb from the undergrowth, feel the sun on your face and bare your gifts. You know you have always had them.

On some level, to some degree, you have known that you have a gift, or a kind of purpose, less tangible than other purposes, to share. And you do.

You no longer need to fear what others think, doubt yourself or hold back. It is your time to shine and conduct more light so as to energetically connect with others and raise the vibrations.

Humanity is ready to evolve to the next level. With so many of you awake and so many more of you awakening, you are creating shifts and dynamics to shape the next phase of your humanity. It is beautiful, it is wonderful, love is on the rise.

Keep doing what you do. Discard any expectation of perfection. Healing, facilitating, sharing and shifting energies does not require any standard to be met.

Always come from the purest of intentions, the highest love and allow flow to pervade all that you do.

Come forth, be brave and let your own crystal light flood your surrounds. It does not matter whether others can describe this or comprehend why. It is enough that they feel you, that they experience your soul’s divinity. You are the mirror and your light soul is enough to transform many without you pushing or demanding.

All that is needed is your soulful divine presence. Share this, do not hide away. Much light and love is being exchanged from spirit world to your world. Conduct this energetic connection as if you were joining the dots. Gently, patiently, until your world is lit up like the night sky full of stars.

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Honesty is the Door to Healing.

Honesty is the Door to Healing.

We may choose to tell ourselves stories that set our life’s scenery. At times we may embellish these to create a bigger picture of how we are and how things seem. We may become so attached to the painted pictures that we believe this is how it has always been. Our memories are coloured with our own repetition and hence our life canvas may appear quite differently to the blueprint that has actually been our lived experience.

For many the colourful canvas is easier to view. It is easier to live with and provides a kind of comfort that the true reality never did.

Ultimately we are wanting that state of comfortability, that life of happiness and ease, to sail smooth waters. Yet are we risking ourselves the opportunity to gain from life’s valuable challenges and experiences? For when we shut down our reality we close our growth off to the possibilities of any learning associated with contrast.

The key here is to let go of shame, to let go of embarrassment and accept ourselves and our lives as they are. It is not to say that one must not dream of brighter futures, more abundance and calmer waters. It is to acknowledge that “yes I have lived this, I am here now and have gained wisdom and insight from the experience.”

Do not care for the opinions, thoughts or judgements of others, for these have no space in the heart and soul.

Let go of the ego voice that takes over and fools you into believing that this is more important than facing your own realities truthfully.

Perfection is not required nor expected.

Expansion of your wisdom, growth within your heart and discovering unconditional love will always outweigh the value of another’s opinion of you.

Let it all go, cast any denial aside and allow yourself the beauty of the freedom attained from being completely honest with yourself. This surrender will open the door to the healing you deserve and ultimately set you free.

Self love awaits you – the greatest love of all.

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