A heart felt thank you to clients who have generously shared their time in writing a testimonial. I love what I do. It is a privilege to be of service to you as individuals and to humankind. And of course, thanks to Source, always! All testimonials are taken from Google Reviews.

“Sin is a gifted and beautiful human being and just spending time in her presence is a calming experience. I have had two readings with her and both have left me feeling more grounded and certain of the ways in which my life is unfolding. If for whatever reason you are feeling a little unsure of yourself or your surroundings, seek her out for some guidance, I promise you that you will walk away more confident and enlightened.” – Amy

I contacted Sin for a 1:1 pure guidance session and the first word that pops into mind is WOW. I got more than I expected and I the messages that came through were exactly what I needed to receive for my highest path. Sin was a pure conduit of divine source and had such incredible integrity as a light worker on this planet. In my opinion, a 1:1 pure guidance session with Sin is a true gift to self. 🙏🏼💕 What a blessing ✨ – Tania

“Straightaway I felt comfortable with Sin. Although, the very first thing I recognized about her in a previous meditation session was her kind and soothing voice. Throughout the session, there were no feelings of awkwardness, but rather a familiarity that one has with a very close friend. Someone you trust. Someone you can tell the mistakes and fears we might have in life, and this is no easy feat. But if it is, it’s because Sin creates an energy that allows us to listen and to be guided with no anxiety. Actually, the kindness she holds in the space is what makes it special. Something so simple, but can be missed by people giving counsel to others. Sin is never over-reaching with her amazing abilities. She is completely honest and does not exaggerate anything. This is what I love about her. She literally creates a two-way street to show us our own superpower qualities we have within. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Peter

“Sin holds a beautiful space. You feel calm and embodied in her energy and insight. My reading with her was incredible. I highly recommend seeing her. She flows with you and how you would like to conduct the session. I can’t wait to see her again!” – Catherine DeMonte (author of Beep, Beep, Get Out of My Way!)

“It was good to get some clarity in my worrying times. To hear someone who doesn’t know me or anyone around me (so no biases) to tell me what I’ve always felt which has made me feel sane in my thoughts and confirmation my instinct isn’t wrong. And to tell me, it will all be fine for me and my children is such a relief. I picked up on your energy and I felt very safe and I trusted in you. Thank you for uplifting me.” – Vanessa

“I felt guided to book a session with Sin Mariani and from the moment the session began, I felt I was receiving pure, powerful, relevant and timely guidance. Sin is a rare find in her non-judgemental, nurturing approach and delivers large concepts of our truth with kindness. Highly recommended!” – Leigh

“After following Sin for some time on social media I felt I was ready to explore what I needed to undertake in the next level in my practice. I had been noticing a shift in my message and I felt like Sin would be able to help me connect it all together in a way that would feel congruent and authentic. Sin’s session uncovered a deeper level in my message that I hadn’t considered and confirmed what I had been thinking that next phase might look like. I now feel I confident with the strategies and energy I’m putting in place to work with my clients and add the greatest value to them and the world.” – Jane Anderson (Certified Speaker, Award Winning Blogger and author of 5 books.)

“My session with Sin was affirmative, liberating, eye opening and greatly empowering. I felt truly seen, understood and safe. Sin has the capacity to channel with precision, clarity and love while expressing tremendous authenticity, depth and wisdom. Sin provides the seeker with real deal guidance & healing magic, minus the woo woo and meaningless platitudes. A must see oracle.” – Jenn King (@thecosmicnumerologist)

“Sin is amazing with connecting to the source. I honestly am feeling short on words because the experience was so profound. Her ability to understand you as a person and get any answers you may have is mind blowing. She holds a very non judgmental and loving space for you during the session. At times, she answers your questions without you asking and I believe that’s because she is so humble and genuine in her approach. I feel a sense of clarity that was much needed at this time. I highly recommend connecting with her if you are feeling stuck or need reaffirmation in any aspect of your life.” – Saba Karim

“My experience of Sin’s sessions is invaluable. I’ve had clairvoyant readings with others in the past, yet I found Sin’s sessions to be much more helpful than just foreseeing my future. Sin’s presence is strikingly calm and caring. Her intentions were clearly pure. I felt in good hands.

Sin has a great connection to source. She speaks eloquently; her wise words, descriptive and flowed generously with her enthusiasm and love of what she does. Always remaining humble.


Without hearing relative things from me and with having no connections with people in my life to go by, Sin spoke of and helped me with things in my life, including what was deep in my heart, and with the help of source – helped me heal where I needed and helped to remove a block I had – all just via FaceTime lol.

The accuracy in which she spoke took any trace of ‘healthy’ skepticism I had, and blew it out the window with the awe I felt in what she shared. Some things reaffirmed what deep down I already knew or had an inclination about, other things cleared limited views, and other things provided divine insights and healing.

All up it helped me – and continues to help me – travel more trustingly, lightly and soulfully on my path.

I believe Sin’s gifts and pure intentions can help anyone on their journey of light and love. What you put in, you put out. And each light can light another and another and another…..” – Tracey Wiltshire

“Sin has a lovely way of validating your inner knowing. She has a holistic approach to the human condition, is warm, empathetic, very connected to source and exceptionally good at what she does. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” – Helen

“As a fellow lightworker and empath, I can say that Sin has a beautiful and wonderful gift in the way she taps into source. Sin conducts her channeling sessions in a pure, authentic, loving way, which brings clarity and comfort to the soul. I highly recommend you in choosing Sin, to be the vessel in which the universe can bring the message(s) you are seeking at this given time on your spiritual journey.” -Damien Williams (Co-founder 1Cent 1Life)

“Sin has helped me tremendously. Her ability to connect so well with the Divine is truly clear and filled with messages of peace and trust. I recommend Sin highly as she is highly intuitive. Thank you Sin.” – Carmen Amara (Amara)

“Sin presents in a calm, clear and positive way. When channelling the light she takes on an energy that guides her. I was amazed by her insight and depth in to my own personal world. Any workshop run by Sin is relaxed and enlightening. Everyone should attend a workshop, you will never look back.” – Haley Walsh (Owner of GenReady – ‘Empowering young people to make good choices’)

“Thank you Sin for an informative and precise reading. I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders and my eyes felt wide open, feeling better and more positive. The clearing has so far helped in my surroundings at home and perfect timing from the universe. Thanks again and I would definitely recommend and enjoy future readings with you again. Love and Light xx” – Kristy

“I was in a situation where I felt highly emotionally charged and couldn’t understand why I felt the way I did. I needed awareness around the situation in order to restore my peace of mind and move forward.

Going to see Sin is like going to see an energetic healer, miracle worker and friend all rolled into one. Sin has a gift of being able to work with the divine energies in a simple, profound and gentle way.

Spirit guides her hands in communicating the leanings and wisdoms I most needed to learn. She is a clear channel for delivering the support and wisdoms and through this I was able to heal from within and left feeling so much compassion for myself and the adversities I was facing at the time.

On all our busy individual journeys through life, perspective is sometimes lost. Our session helped me find my centre, correct course, and stay on track for a happier and more connected me.

Sin is honest, sincere, empathetic, and she can tap into this other world that is right around us. I would recommend you to work with Sin to help you lift the burdens and remove the blocks so that you may shine in health and joy.

When I think about Sin, I immediately start to smile and I feel so much love inside of me. It’s impossible not to leave a session feeling lighter, brighter and happier. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Sin!” – Seila Chapman (Founder of We Are Relationships)

“When you are seeking for hope and answers, the universe will always shine the light on the right path. For me, at a time that I needed it the most, is when Sin entered my life. I have had two sessions with her, and not only is she gentle, loving and warm, but the channeled sessions from Source were uplifting and full of wisdom.

Each time I have had a session, more of my path and journey has been revealed, that has complimented and enhanced my personal self growth, and life work. I am lucky and honoured to have had these sessions with Sin, and to call her a friend.

I am grateful to the Divine that we have such beautiful lightworkers as our reflections.” – Neha Verma, mindfulness teacher and practitioner and energy healer at Sweet Therapie in Oman.

“The second I met Sin, I felt an ease and comfort of her presence.

I was absolutely blown away by Sin’s accuracy, wisdom, and her ability to decipher and administer the most profound messages and insight that has shifted my world at a core level.

Sin has empowered me beyond words, and affirmed my soul purpose, told me what lays ahead in my future, connecting me back with myself once more. She knew details of my personal life, medical conditions I have, my husband, my work colleagues, describing their looks and personality to a tea. She told me of projects that I am currently doing, and the future success of them, which there is just no way anyone could possibly know this stuff! All while providing healing where necessary along the way. I can’t describe it, however my entire life has seemed to transform in the last two days since our session.

Two very special friends who have passed over recently came to say hello during our session. Sin relayed a personal joke between myself and my best friend, that no one else could possibly ever have known. It blew my mind and, of course, my heart.

I have been pinching myself recalling our session thinking “did that just happen?” Sin has a gift like nothing I have ever experienced in my life, and I’m a seasoned healer/psychic hopper I can tell you right now! Sin’s work is truly transformational!” – Marisa De Salvo Regional Manager / Online Services, MERCURY

“Could not be happier with my session. I needed this so much, but didn’t know just how much. I felt extremely supported by Sin and her guidance and abilities. She is so genuinely caring and authentic and i truly felt like I was being served information from the purest soul. She helped me make sense of things that have had been baffling me for months.

I often become quite stressed when thinking about my future, so i was quite hesitant to having a session as I thought it might promote my already overthinking mind – but in fact it was quite the opposite. I felt much more calm about my future after the session, and now feel so relaxed and present knowing that I am in the right place. The amount of stress relief and clarity that I got from my session with Sin is huge! I truly felt I could trust Sin, and will definitely be seeing her again in the next few months. She is warm, highly in tune, caring, a brilliant communicator and highly intelligent. I have previously had sessions with other people who offer similar guidance to Sin, but I didn’t quite connect with them.

“Sin truly has a gift, and I can tell she is committed to helping the world become a better place with her gift. She was on point and any scepticism that I had, disappeared as soon as we started. She is incredible ❤ Thank you so so so much! I hope this helps anyone who is trying to make a decision to book in with Sin.” – Gabrielle