Facing Challenging Situations.

When we truly let go of a situation, we find that we are able to see the totality of what is going on, or what has happened. Our mind is clear, our thoughts have ceased and so suddenly we are able to perceive matters in an authentic way. We will see the truth and comprehend a solution where one is required.

It is like taking a step backwards and placing aside the magnifying glass that we used to examine our portion so intently. And so we free ourselves up to experience all that has occurred or is occurring. This is divine wisdom that we have within. We can tap into this at any time we choose. We merely need to silence the ego chatter, empty our minds and allow what it is that needs our attention to finally stand out.

When you are faced with the difficult circumstances of a challenging situation or person apply this technique. You will discover how not to feed your own internal arguments.

You will recognise your ego voice for what it is. You will cease your analysing and “what if” stories. Now you are the empty cup that can receive light and be full to the brim. Overflowing even. Some of you may giggle once you reach this state for you comprehend quite quickly just how much folly your mind has entertained.

You will realise that there is no problem or drama or difficulty. Your former limited vision will be replaced with an expansive experience of peace and compassion. You will be able to view others involved with an open heart. It simply will be the case that this has happened. The love that you feel for those involved then outweighs all intellectual analysis or emotional persuasion. From this space of great love, many possibilities will spring forth.

We can not ever know what it is to walk in another’s shoes completely. You are all unique as are your experiences, lessons, responses and solutions.

The best thing you can do is let go of your own thoughts, ideas and opinions and listen to the others involved. Have you really asked them the best questions to determine their fears, expectations or disappointments? Have you truly come back to your place of unconditional love for them and yourself to remember that this is about all involved winning?

Be the role model that you wish for others to have in life. This is not about perfection. This is about true unconditional love.

For it is in the times that you may feel tested that your actions will count most.

Do not worry about being right or more clever or even more experienced. This is all hearsay so to speak. Focus your attention on clearly understanding another’s position, regardless of how well it reflects or contrasts to your own. This is their truth and you cannot change this.

You can change what you will get from the challenge. Growth. The lesson itself. A sense of peace and well being. A feeling of warm satisfaction that all will ultimately be well. All is well now.

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