Psychic Readings, Clairvoyant, Medium, Past Life, Channeled Pure Guidance, Healing and Energy Work:

If you’re after a deeper and lasting solution to the current challenge/s you are facing, or are seeking guidance on the not-yet-known path ahead, a channeled session is highly effective. I provide the purest guidance and wisdom in my readings for clients. I also and apply healing and energy work to clear, create space, heal and get you “flowing” in life. These sessions are a holistic answer to a psychic experience. I can incorporate mediumship, past life, future life and other quantum natured enquiries. I go as deep as the client is desiring within any given session and draw on my gifts as a psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognisant and medium.

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Fee & Payment Method:
These sessions are 1hr in length and cost $150 Australian Dollars. I accept PayPal payments and Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT – bank transfer).

For convenience, I offer online sessions using FaceTime, WhatsApp and Zoom. Please click the blue link below to book directly. I have many clients across the globe and can state with certainty that the quality of readings and energy work is as powerful online as in person. As a conduit and channel working online does not affect my abilities or gifts.  

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Pure Meditation Group Online:

Welcome to a meditation experience that is truly transformational in it’s ability to align you with your essential self, goals and clear old energies and blocks. The Pure Meditation Online Group is currently held on Zoom the first Wednesday morning a month at 10am or evening at 8pm (AEDT). Fee is $10. You are welcome to attend whenever suits you.

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Book into Pure Meditation Online Group – First Wed of the month 8pm AEDT

6×6 Progressive Series Online:

There are times in life where you feel a little stuck or unmotivated. You want more than you are experiencing now and you want to connect to something greater. You are already aware of the existence and unconditionally loving ways of Source/Divine/Spirit/God/Universe yet you want to feel into this in your everyday life.

Sin channeled and developed “6×6” specifically to reconnect or increase your connection with this Divine energy and yourself. You will be supported to embody more of your conscious spiritual self. You are guided to clarify your focus. You receive future insights. You also get to share your discoveries and wisdom with other shiny souls who are on a similar path. For a significant part of 6×6 are the small online communities being built with the opportunity to forge new friendships and connections.

If you are ready to up level your connection to Source, yourself and

like-minded others then email Sin today!

More information:

  • Six people meet 75mins a week, for six weeks, to transcend all limitations. Small group size allows Sin to focus on each member, and for each of you to share in the discussions. 
  • You can bring specific goal/s you wish to work on. If you are not sure this is ok as others are not sure yet always leave with direction and clarification as well as an excited motivation! 
  • Transformation and release occurs to create more space for that which you desire or is coming through.
  • Many report that benefits of enhancement in their relationships with others and a greater connection to their Higher Self/Source.
  • Tools used: energy work, channeled guidance, mediation/visualisations, journaling, discussion & peer support. There are also some integration activities for group members to follow up during the week before we meet again. 
  • Fee: $600 (chat to Sin to organise a payment plan if required).

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Intuitive Counselling:

There are times when it is beneficial for you as a client to share more and process what is occurring. Intuitive counselling is a safe space where Sin provides unconditional positive regard – that is you are completely accepted for who you are, how you feel and what you are experiencing. Sin draws on formal studies in Counselling & Communication whilst also connecting to Source to share channeled insights, tools and strategies. If you are ready and willing to liberate yourself and move forward with support, Intuitive Counselling is a more holistic modality. Sessions may also be booked as a one off or regularly depending upon clients’ needs. Fee is $150 for each one hour session. Please note that I work with a limited number of intuitive counselling clients to ensure I deliver quality services. You can ask to be added to a wait list during busier periods of service.

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Conscious Couple Mentoring:

These powerful sessions support conscious couples to continue to evolve individually and as a partnership. As the mentoring is channeled it is expansive and offers a loving perspective, tools and insights to empower both partners. Healing and energy work may also be applied if appropriate. If you are wanting to shift any blocks you are experiencing in your relationship, or to resolve issues that are affecting your loving connection then this service is for you. Sessions may also be booked as a one off or regularly depending upon clients’ needs. Fee is $175 per couple for each 75 minutes session. Please note that I only take a limited number of couple’s on at any time.

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Enquires for Other Services:

For all other enquiries including events, corporate meditation sessions, editorials, articles, keynote speaking, conferences, sound healing workshops, seminars, awakening/consciousness workshops, and collaborative projects please fill in the form below or email me at: