Becoming More Conscious.

Cycles. Flow. Tides. The sea level rises and the oceans become full bodied. Expansive. Feminine energy. The level drops again. Less. Still her beauty pervades. With the lower tide one can observe the rocks and discover its shy inhabitants.

This movement, this flow, provides much to many. For there are many sea creatures who benefit with the changing tides. It enables their food supply to be plentiful and their lives to continue longer.

The oceanic tidal rhythms can be applied to your souls. In with the coming tide, ever expanding, swelling even as you take in new knowledge and increase your own awareness. Your consciousness becomes fuller, more ripe. Then out again, like a deep sigh, as you let go of all this new found knowledge and simply be.

Your soul’s underbelly may lie more exposed in the sun. This is part of the flow. You stay still, present and soak up all that you can. And you can because there is more room for you to do so.

Becoming more conscious is like this. It is not a race to fill yourself up. Your soul will absorb all that it can in the moments spent tending to this. In the moments spent tending to the moments. You will feel yourself inhabit your physical being with more presence. There is a solidity, a kind of certainty all the while a pervading feeling of lightness washes over you.

Your mind is at rest. Your thoughts have stopped (or at least…paused). Your full attention is fixed on your experience of this exact moment. That calm feeling you love has returned once more and all of a sudden you have no worries and no concerns for you remember that life is beautiful.

Your senses will feel heightened, the background noises crisp, the scents around you noticeable, the touch of the wind gentle and loving. This state of bliss is consciousness.

No tricks. No courses. No fees. No test. Simply a relaxed and open state within yourself that has committed to being completely true to the moment.

You know how this feels. You have been here before even if it has been a while since. The next step is to be present more often. Not only will you help yourself, you will help the world.

Peaceful people do not go to war. Peaceful people choose more love.

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