The Art Of Introspection.

The earth is round like all things cyclic. It spins and moves. It rotates on its axis facing the sun, facing the moon. Human introspection is similar to this orbit. You spin around sun on your face, moonlight on the top of your head. Light and dark. Knowing and unknowing. Going and stopping. Growing and reflecting.

When you next stop, steady yourself and go within. What is it you see? Do you recall the happiness in moments lived during the day? Do you hold on to the argument that you had this morning with your partner or child? Do you shift your gaze high so that you can quickly survey the day’s events, get a sense of the beauty and the lessons then sigh and let it all go? No? Then try this.

Lie flat down on your bed at night and scan your body energetically. Imagine it being like a medical procedure where a healing light will pass from feet to head and then back down to feet. This process works better if you do it slowly. Now as you scan should you sense any pain, discomfort or emotion that feels in any way constrictive, allow the light and breath to enter this area.

If your tummy feel tied up in knots, breathe white and rose gold light into your stomach and allow it to unfold.

If your thoughts get busy, simply go back to your breath and feel this soften your tummy.

If your heart feels sore or tender, breathe in white and rose gold light until it is shiny and brave once more. You will start to smile as you do this – a sign that it’s working. If you need to laugh at the folly of a situation, laugh it all out. Giggle at how big you made something that really wasn’t significant.

If your mind is racing with fear and uncertainty breathe again white and rose gold light into this space. If your thoughts persist in demanding your attention, feel the gentle breath as it enters your nose and leaves your mouth. A subtle beauty of the senses will pervade.

You can always wrap those thoughts up in a big red and white check picnic blanket and hand them over to the Universe to look after so you can continue to enjoy the present.

How are you feeling? Better? That’s wonderful.

As you walk your individual soul’s path remember to be kind to yourself and others. Kind with yourself as you embrace new ways and discover more about yourself.

For it is no good to anyone when we judge ourselves and demand more. Observe the lessons as they cross your path, acknowledge the mental note to self about how you want to respond or behave the next time the challenge arrives. Give yourself a big hug for your willingness and patience.

Be your own best friend, your own doting parent, your own loving partner. How wonderful life will feel to you.

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13 thoughts on “The Art Of Introspection.

  1. Found this read a must. Will
    Continue to practice the art of introspection. Personally I related to this information and found a sense of peace reassurance that I have not felt or found before.

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