The Truth About The Mind.

To live in one’s head is a difficult space. The mind will chatter incessantly to the point of never actually growing tired. It can fool you into believing that it is the pilot sitting in the cockpit navigating a path that is best for you. Is it?

The mind will tell you that it knows best. It will draw on all kinds of old memories to flash across your mental screen when it wants to reinforce its argument and solidify its truth.

It can bring on a storm of thunderous thoughts that can leave one huddled in the corner of the room in fear.

Conversely it can swoon you into believing the object of your desire must feel the same way because, of course, you are so clever, so sexy and utterly charming that the person you admire must surely return the feelings. The mind will carry you in it’s arms and off into the sunset with that lover you dream of. It will paint the most wonderful fantasies for you to hold on to.

And yet our minds are not in fact our enemies. They have great purpose and are an essential part of our biological machinery. The mind is needed in certain situations to analyse facts, calculate figures, remember things that need to be done, recognise those who we have met and so forth.

It is when thinking is out of balance that one can feel unwell. Unwell can mean many things in this regard; unconfident, fearful, depressed, unmotivated, pessimistic, worried and anxious.

Yet if we were to stop in these instances…

Stop.  Breathe.  In.  Out.  Slowly.  Let it all go with each out breath.

…and calm ourselves and quieten the mind then we experience something else. Our soul.

Our infinitely intuitive and wise soul will always answer us honestly and often very succinctly. There are no story-lines, no trips down the back alley of dark thoughts. Only a sense of serenity. And while ever we are able to stay in a state of quietened mind, so too does the peacefulness pervade our very existence.

It is not that we need to master this eternal peacefulness. Life will present many gifts to us, even one’s that appear as a challenge, so that in these moments we can come back to our soul and benefit.

Stop.  Breathe.  In.  Out.  Slowly.  Let go.  Let go more. Now how good do you feel?

Relief from the mind’s busy ways and creative stories is a respite we all deserve and can tap into at any time. Just let it all go and remember to come up for air. The breath will always bring you back to the now. For the breath, equivalent to a moment, gives us presence in the here and now. The here and now is where we live. This is our true reality.

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14 thoughts on “The Truth About The Mind.

  1. This is excellently written. You’re right. Living in the here and now is definitely the preferable way to live. I had never really thought of what my mind tells me as creative stories before. I’ll try to remember that one!


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