About Sin

Sin Mariani, one of Sydney’s best psychics, possesses exceptional gifts as a psychic, clairvoyant, medium, energy worker and healer. She is revered by many across the world for her accuracy, compassionate and warm approach and astonishing ability to connect to the Source energy. Her reviews and testimonials are impeccable. Sin sees visions, hears guidance, knows the answers, and feels the emotions or ailments of clients when reading. Her readings are compassionate and energy work  effective.

Access A Completely Holistic Service

Drawing on her studies in Counselling and years of psychic mentoring, Sin provides a professional and holistic service. It is her articulate ability to integrate guidance and combine her knowledge of Counselling that ensures clients are supported in their journeys and processes. While working with Source, Sin will access past life learning, challenges and traumas to be healed in this lifetime and provide more clarity for clients on current life matters. Similarly, Sin works not only on a behavioral level, but deeply on a soul and conscious level. Some sessions may feel more like channeling and others more like counselling. However, Sin ensures that guidance is ultimately delivered from the Universal Intelligence/Source/Divine/Spirit to deliver the answers to your burning questions to help you move forward.

Importantly, the clients that simply desire or require a one off reading will receive this and those that may benefit from being in a safe space to process, emotionally regulate, and integrate the guidance can also access this and ongoing support through Intuitive Counselling

By intentionally connecting to the highest, most purest wisdom available to humankind, Sin is able to provide you with the guidance and healing you require right now. This same “Source” provides not only answers, but strategies to support you in life and energy to shift obstacles or blocks. Sin explains that she works with light and in her line of work “anything is possible.” Her clients always leave a session calm and confident yet excited and ready for the next phase.

It is true in some readings a deceased relative or friend may visit, or a spirit guide or ascended master will be present. Sin will always ask Source, and then the client, if this is ok. This ensures that the purity and integrity of the guidance provided is always maintained.

But let’s break this down more simply. If you have never had a reading with Sin before she explains the experience like this:

“Imagine you had an unconditionally loving parent, who knows everything about you, and I mean everything! They know you, your life, your mind, your heart, your past, your present, your future, even past-lives. This unconditionally loving parent only ever wants the best for you in all aspects of your life and so willingly provides you with the best guidance to help you master your life. There are no judgments, only support to increase your understanding of matters and others, and tips to assist you to manage whatever it is that you are experiencing.”

If you have a tough decision to make or one you’re not sure of; are facing a challenge in your family, relationship, business, career, health or finances, the pure guidance will flow through Sin to support you. If you find yourself unsure of what to do next, are experiencing a challenge in your personal or work life, or wish to move forward, contact Sin to book in a session. She also offers conscious couples “Conscious Couple Mentoring” and facilitates guided and channeled meditation groups online monthly.

Keep an eye on Sin’s monthly “Downloading Light Live Event” (where two audience members are chosen for live readings and energy work), Quantum Sound Healings, ‘6×6 Progressive Series’, workshops and seminars by visiting her Events page or stay in the loop and receive a monthly newsletter via email.

My approach is one that is personal, inclusive, warm, supportive and uplifting. It’s always inspiring to see clients walk away with the answers feeling fresh, clear, positive and solution oriented.

Sin Mariani from Downloading Light - photo by Tim Mark Jones

I had a beautiful reading session with Sin Mariani of Downloading Light, that was so on point with what I was experiencing. The information that came through was very helpful and rang true. It was given with sincerity and the utmost of respect and compassion. The insight was excellent and I felt so comfortable, like I had been with someone who had known me a long time. There was a lovely blend of warmth and wisdom and I cannot recommend Downloading Light highly enough.

– Elizabeth