Why we need to trust in ourselves.

At the recent online Downloading Light Live Event, there was a common theme for those receiving guidance live: to trust in yourself and what is unfolding. It was explained as having trust in our gifts, skills and talents. It pertained to trusting in one’s intuition and what is sensed. But it also related to trusting in who you are. I am not the first to remind you of your unique frequency, personality, perception and contributions. I won’t be the last either.

Yet, the truth is you are remarkable in your own ways and have this enchanting energetic ripple effect. At a time when the world feels topsy turvy, this quiet support or inspiration for others is essential. Recently, a relative messaged me and said they were stuck in their career and wanting change. They complimented me on always living my life in the ways I have wanted, doing what I desire. Now, I deem this person more financially established and successful. It was an insight into the ways we perceive each other and are shown positive realities we can be living. This is one small example of how shining our own unique light is impactful. 

In current times of personal challenge/change and global upheaval it can seem like all is wrong in the world. However I see it as if the bucket is being tipped over, the contents spilled to be released, so that fresh water can be poured in. So even if you feel like your contents are all over the shop and things feel messy, perhaps take a step back. Let it flow, feel what you need to feel and come back to your beautiful centre. 

For these are experiences only. They are not you. You are not them. Allow this separateness from what is occurring to give you room to breathe. It will help facilitate the knowingness that epic you is part of the magnificent whole. And if “collective consciousness” is in awkward adolescence, know that it’s maturing fast… and this means you and I are too. See the ways that you are doing well and better than you used to. That way, you recall how exceptional you are. This trust in yourself ripples out to others, not because you always need to feel at your best, but because you know you are multifaceted and offer love and light in big and smaller ways!

I will leave you with this awesome quote from Media Director and nephew of the wonderful Bruce Lipton:

Remember we are all one and every moment of happiness and peace you personally experience, every time you change your own life, it only increases the power in the field for collective changes on bigger levels. Everything and anything is possible which is why we need to trust in ourselves!

– Alex Lipton

I am constantly inspired by you – the myriad of clients and followers being courageous change makers within yourselves and outside in the world, and I am grateful for you!

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