Rise. And now rise again.

With so many strong views being circulated about the state of the world right now it can feel very heavy for those who are more sensitive, empathic and on the awakening journey. In all honesty, it can get very dense energetically for anyone. I have struggled a number of times when mainstream or alternate media theories come across my path. Each time, I have noticed that I don’t feel good in my stomach, that I actually feel sick. It has become somewhat like visiting a children’s library only to find that there are no fairy tales or comics. Instead there is only a gigantic horror section that has kidnapped the notion of any form of happily ever after. Trust me when I tell you that I have lived long enough to know that life isn’t always easy and that there are events that will have us question the possibility of future happiness.

I do not propose that you subscribe to rainbows, unicorns, communal living and chamomile tea alone. However, I am inviting you to take a peak into a much larger picture that has been painted by Source, with a poignant reminder in there for us all individually and as a powerful collective. Again trust in what “feels”right for you. If this download doesn’t resonate this is also ok. For I have come to discover there is much truth out there, and always an even greater truth overall that expands as does our consciousness. Life on planet earth is anything but ordinary, as is reality. May this channeling bring more light and focus to your attention.

Immediately I am shown a vision. A sizeable group of determined protestors march down a dim night city street. They are peaceful yet insurmountably assertive in demanding their rights. Behind, unbeknownst to them, are dark shadowy figures with balaclavas. They follow the protestors and appear ominous, stealthily quiet and threatening.

Only something very unexpected, for me as a clairvoyant, occurs in this vision. A blinding light from Source above floods the dark figures clothed in tight black outfits. They look up to the light and it is ever so bright and penetrating. They fall to their knees and yank their balaclavas away. Engulfed in this brilliant light, their exposed faces display great surprise.

The protestors ahead have been unaware of what has occurred behind them for they are completely focused on their task ahead. Suddenly, the light pours through them. Right through the middle of their beings from head to toe as single rays. A ray for each of them. “It is all ok”, says Source to me now. “It is all ok.”

I am shown how right now we are scrambling around like fearful ants trying desperately to take cover from looming charcoal skies full of threatening storms. How is it that we have forgotten to stop running, to stop, stand still and look up to the sky to God, to Source? To call the light in until so many do so that the light initially falls through and creates holes in the ashen clouds, and spreads until the sky is clear again?

We spend too much time spinning our heads to left, to right, to left. We look over our shoulders. Have we forgotten that the truth is higher? That clarity comes from above?

Sin Mariani

Forces can line up and converge from the right. They are stationery. They do not move further ahead to cross barren and open landscapes. No. They wait for a signal. Yet there is no one leader I am told. There is no leader. Still we feel them. We have filled each of these tanks and vehicles with artificial drivers and armies concocted from our very own amassed fears.

Under these turbulent skies I am shown that we still stand as dense human forms on the land, clutching our children and fearing the worst. Again we all look at the poised army in fear forgetting to look above to view the true reality. Distracted, we overlook our ability to connect with the Source that we all owe existence to, to call in light.

We do not need protection from the battalion of our “projected” fears, this external perception of threat. Right now we require protection from our visceral selves and our cerebral thought forms.

Collectively we can loosen our grip on the belief that somehow we are not worthy of this existence, nor of ongoing liberation, or deserving to live on this beautiful planet in a future that we feel uncertain of.

Sin Mariani

“Breathe. Long exhale.” I am instructed by Source. It is time for all that remember, to breathe in pure light to others around you each time they fall prey to fear. Allow light within yourselves anytime this sticky fear in any form enters your perceived reality. You can clear this “feared apocalypse” Source further explains. We can shape shift reality on earth any way we choose when enough of us align securely in the belief that Source, on invitation, is ready to intervene in unimaginable ways.

Now where do you stand?


And now rise again. May we invite Source in and no longer be distracted.


Channeled by Sin Mariani from Downloading Light 13 March 2021

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3 thoughts on “Rise. And now rise again.

  1. Your channelled message definitely resonates! So much is happening that is so overwhelming. Watching the news this evening, there were so many stories from different parts of the world and events that felt so heavy and sad and I felt it all. The Universes message is definitely reassuring that we can rise and rise again and not all hope is lost despite what we see around us 😇 I also find your way of writing is amazing!! How you’ve channelled the divine messages for us all into the written word is just fantastic! Thank you Sin 🙌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I believe it is those reminders of the pure power of love (light) that will see humanity through yet again. We are resilient. Yet we are also evolving and this is precious. May you keep seeing the light and being it for others when you can emotionalcreatrixx! I’m very happy to know you also enjoy my way with words. It is a pleasure to continue to be of service. Love and light, Sin


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