We are all in this together.

Peace to all.

There is no division when we do not take sides. Earth, the planet of duality, allows room for many beliefs, ideologies, realities and experiences. The truth is that my truth is no more real than yours. Your experience is no more significant than another’s. Everyone is equal. This underlying principle is veracious.

One reality does not exist and this is where it may feel complicated. When you understand the way energy works and how matter is formed the intangible nature of belief is more comprehensible. You may also recall that we have all come to planet Earth as souls living a human experience. This was never going to result in us becoming one homogenous collective. Love connects us. Our inherent Divinity means that we are all one. However, it is the variant nature of our experiences that results in our expansion here on Earth. For if we were all perceiving, believing and constructing a singular reality, there would not be much for us to learn. It is when another suggests another idea, method or offers information you did not know, that you get to develop further, even if you do not agree with this, or it does not resonate.

I have begun to comprehend that universally there is no single truth to the pandemonium. It is the reason you may feel misunderstood completely irrespective of where you sense your views place you. Unfortunately, when this feeling of misunderstanding occurs, we tend to dig our heels in deeper and defend ourselves. Hence, we constrict into our particular world view and may be less open to considering “the bigger picture” from the Divine. (Trust me! There is so much more light and positive change that is already coming through.) Similarly, we may lose out on better understanding another and being compassionate if we come from a rigid stance of what we consider is right or true. It does not mean there may not be truth in this for you. However, what if we could concede we’ve never agreed on everything and the current world issues are no exception?

When trying to insist that others align with your beliefs, you usurp power and choice. You also impede the potentiality of diversity to exist and subsequent learning.

Sin Mariani

Do we truly need to agree that kale is the most valuable vegetable? I mean, is it? Does anyone know this for certain? For this reason, there is no fight needed. We all agree that the colour green is so because someone a long time ago named it this. Yet a person experiencing colour blindness may not have the same understanding. Is their perception inaccurate? Only if you impose your belief system. Their colour scheme is absolutely correct and their visual experience should not be judged otherwise.

I do not require for others to believe my ideologies. I would prefer you felt safe enough to be honest and live out your version of reality. If anything this year, Source continues to teach me how to exist in duality, and feel into extremes simultaneously. These energetic lessons consistently reveal that we can find harmony while experiencing vastly different, even opposing, forces. This overarching and underlying peace is helping me to let go, and let go again completely. If applied with one another, we could focus the energy used to seek ongoing validation for our particular arguments, and consequent invalidations and judgements on building improvements together instead.

As a beautiful relative recently replied to my status of being vaccine-free, “we are all in this together.” I would rather work collectively. My choices do not mean I do not care. Those of you who know me are aware just how much I deeply care about all of humanity and the steps I’ll actively take and do daily on various levels. We are in this together.

Can we please focus on the common goals and get through this with kindness? And perhaps take a break from either media polarity. Both are fueling your fear, anger and a sense of hopelessness. We always get to choose our approach and come from love. Fighting does not resolve our ideological individualism, it creates unnecessary friction and dilapidates vital energy that could be more fruitfully applied to bringing about purposeful change and healing.

Much love, light, peace and good health to all,
Sin 💛🙏🌟

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