Would you like to join in the enchanting experience of Sin channeling live online? On the third Tuesday of the month, Sin will select two people from an online audience to download guidance from Source for free. In fact, all audience members attend free and get to witness the magic in action, even if you don’t elect to be a potential recipient for a reading. You don’t need to be a former client either. So let your friends and relatives in on these light-filled and heart warming events full of insight.

Sin explains that her intention is to open up space for more people to access the wisdom and insights of Source. She says, “In an era of so much change it is always a buzz to see what is coming through for individuals. There is always a bigger picture, and it is this higher intelligence that leaves even me as a reader, in awe!” You may find yourself in the audience gleaning a gem of wisdom to assist you in the moment too!

If you would like to attend have the opportunity to be selected for a free reading live online, then please tick the box when booking as this lets Sin know you’re keen and have given permission to later upload the audio and video online the usual podcast platforms and YouTube. If you prefer to attend only, click the booking link above and choose “no”.

I had such a beautiful and loving experience with Sin. She is very connected to source, has a beautiful open energy and calmness. Throughout the whole guided reading, it was like sitting as one with the universe and all my questions being clarified. – Leonora


We’re living an unprecedented era during this life. Amongst the crumbling of what has been in the external world we find ourselves digging more deeper than ever for what will be. There are many who are bravely stepping up to grow and ascend. The truth is we came here to do “new relationships” as the “New Earth” unfolds. This is the reason why our old ways are no longer working.

2020 What’s Happening to my Heart?

Seminar in Sydney: 7pm Fri 4th September

The Livingroom Yoga Studio,

62 Carr Street , #Level 1, Coogee, NSW 2034

The purpose of this seminar is to shed light on the changing times and elucidate the opportunities to love more expansively whether single, in a new or long term relationship or, even if, uncoupling. 

Come and join an intimate group of open-minded souls as we discover a greater truth of what is occurring here in 2020: in our lives, in our approaches and in our very hearts. 

In Sin’s daily work she has continued to encounter a number of significant themes being repeated. More pertinent to matters of love and relationships, Sin will share guidance she has been receiving on:

  • Self sovereignty – the importance of finding our own power and coming from our true selves
  • Foundations for new relationships and current challenges & solutions
  • Seeking security in new and longer standing relationships in times of uncertainty
  • Coming from our 5D hearts when coupling or uncoupling


FREE Online Seminar:
Hearts Awaken

The truth is our hearts are folding back layers and layers to reveal more truth. We may feel tender and vulnerable as we navigate our relationships (intimate and otherwise) from this space.

Many of us are finding again that we can’t even apply our old ways and the new are knocking fervently at our heart centres. Join Sin Mariani and Neha Amrev for channeled guidance and a friendly Q&A as we uncover the further awakening of our hearts in these time of great shift.

  • Have all of your burning questions answered on matters of the heart during this ongoing awakening.
  • Online Seminar – anyone, anywhere can join in!
  • Starts Saturday 18 April 1pm – 2pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

We may use your email to promo upcoming seminars so please indicate if this isn’t ok 🙂



Sound Healing Bliss poster by Sin Mariani from Downloading Light.


14 March 2020

4 April and 9th May Cancelled due to COVID19

$38.00 per session (includes booking fee)

Many of us are leading busy lives and would benefit from being gently guided to slow down, have time and space to reset our energy, mental space and physical self. These sound healing bliss sessions are a great way to get yourself to commit to looking after your well-being when living fast paced full lives as many of us do in the bigger cities!

During the sessions I will provide quantum sound healing using voice, meditation bowls and minimalist light percussion. You will also be guided through a short channeled meditation and receive energy work.

Expect to leave the session lighter, relaxed and with an energetic reset to clear space on all levels.

If you need to leave on time please bring some nibbles, dried fruit and nuts etc. This will help ground you if you’re driving. For those not in a rush, you are most welcome to join me for an informal discussion afterwards.

Please arrive on time and be ready to relax! It is recommended that you bring a yoga mat, or blanket to lie on. Many prefer to wear comfortable clothes and use a light blanket or sarong etc. to throw over the top of you.



Explore Awakening & Your Unique Journey worksop image.

“Explore Awakening & Your Unique Journey”

If you feel differently about matters, are more sensitive to what is happening within and around you, feel less connected to those closest to you, and often desire more time alone you are most likely experiencing a “spiritual awakening”.

No need to figure it out all alone, Linh Huynh and I have designed the ideal 1/2 day workshop to inform and empower you on this amazing journey.

Open yourself up to the pure magic of awakening!

I’m collaborating with the amazing counsellor, mentor and light worker Linh Huynh to offer you this illuminating workshop:

  • Why (?): Through discussions, activities and insights, you get to to free yourself open to the unlimited love and possibility of the energetic world and Source, and meet other beautiful like-minded souls
  • What: Face to Face Workshop
  • Where: The Collective Healing Centre, Newtown Sydney (Australia)
  • Date: Sunday 4th August, 2019
  • Time: 10am – 1pm

Early bird tickets are on sale now for only $40!
Purchase before 21st June or before they sell out.

Click button below to purchase or learn more.

Buy Tickets

Bio photos of Linh Huynh and Sin Mariani - facilitators of Explore Awakening & Your Unique Journey workshop

“WHEN MISTAKES BECOME MIRACLES” – A workshop for women.

The liberating workshop will be delivered in person on Saturday 17th March 2018 at Bondi Vixen Fitness & Wellness Emporium.

Purchase your ticket today!

Come join other women in Sydney at this supportive face to face workshop that helps you to set your heart free and release you back into a reality that is full of wonder, possibility and excitement.

Many have experienced significant disappointments or unexpected changes in life that may have rendered you vulnerable, doubtful, even untrusting. You may have shrunk your heart in an attempt to protect yourself from feeling such pain ever again. What if I were to tell you that what you thought was a mistake is actually a miracle?

Come join other women in this supportive face to face workshop that helps you to set your heart free and release you back into a reality that is full of wonder, possibility and excitement.

Only 90 minutes of your time can transform your outlook and approach to life!

Tickets are $50 and sales end Thursday 15th March 6pm.

Please note this workshop is for women only as Bondi Vixen provides a supportive space for women to focus on their health, fitness and well-being.

Feel free to share this workshop with friends or family in Sydney who are ready to move onwards and upwards from former challenges!

Don’t forget to follow Downloading Light on Facebook and stay up to date with future workshop dates.

I look forward to seeing you in March!

Love & Light,



___  ___  ___  ___  ___

“Hearts are for loving” – Seminar

Sun 25 June, North Bondi, Sydney

This channeled seminar is ideal for singles desiring love and those in a relationship wanting to nourish the intimate connection.

Tickets are only $20 plus very small booking fee.


The format of the seminar is a channeling of the topics listed below followed by a Q&A.


  • What is love
  • We are all made of love
  • The love you have for yourself
  • The love you have for another
  • Staying in the love
  • Letting love into your life
  • The Global Heart


This will provide an opportunity for participants to receive answers directly from Source.

Please arrive on time to the venue at 12.30pm. Enter the venue peacefully and allow yourself to find a comfortable space. Sin requests that participants are quiet until the Q&A session where you can ask questions.

Wear something comfortable as we will be using a yoga space where the vibe is already relaxed and peaceful. You get to lie down, sit up, change positions and just be comfortable.

The seminar will go for 90 minutes and the venue needs to be vacated by 2.30pm.

Share the love, follow Downloading Light on Facebook and stay up to date with future workshop dates.

I look forward to seeing you on the 25th June!

Love & Light,



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