Why we need to trust in ourselves.

The truth is you are remarkable in your own ways and have this enchanting energetic ripple effect. At a time when the world feels topsy turvy, this quiet support or inspiration for others is essential. Trusting in ourselves is a gift the world and others need to advance consciousness and the ways forward.

Why the self-protection mechanisms are positive.

I have worked with clients who have erected self-protective measures in their relationships, friendships, careers and parenting. Self-protection may keep us safe, but only until we are ready to heal further. Are you ready to find more personal freedom?

It is time to transform relationship terminology.

As we rise in consciousness we are understanding our relationships better as they change form. Formerly, many would take a very negative stance on relationship endings and make statements such as, “My marriage failed”. We now understand that this is not the case. The relationship has served its role in teaching you what you came…

For now world, simply let me be

It is ok to be at peace with oneself in a state of unknowing. Remember, there is always a Divine Plan. How do I know for certain? Daily I get to tap into the Universal Intelligence and download from the Divine energy itself, to reveal such truths to clients.


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Sin Mariani from Downloading Light - photo by Tim Mark Jones
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Hi, I’m Sin. I have been channeling information from Source for several years. I am fascinated by downloads I receive and all that I continue to learn. It’s a privilege to serve humanity as we evolve. I trust you’ll enjoy these downloads. Love & light, Sin


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