Image of people walking behind sign saying "We are all in this together" by Sin Mariani

We are all in this together.

I have begun to comprehend that universally there is no single truth to the pandemonium. It is the reason you may feel misunderstood completely irrespective of where you sense your views place you. Unfortunately, when this feeling of misunderstanding occurs, we tend to dig our heels in deeper and defend ourselves. Hence, we constrict into our particular world view and may be less open to considering “the bigger picture” (from the Divine).… Read More We are all in this together.

Man calmly viewing his surrounds after applying breath work and mindfulness

A Simple Breath Work Technique to Release Tightness in the Chest

Sometimes, we get so caught up in our stress that we forget to check in on how we are feeling in our bodies. The added tension only limits the flow of fresh energy that we need more than ever when in a state of fear, worry or anxiety. Whether you feel constriction in your chest, heart, tummy or elsewhere, this simple breath work technique will support you to release tightness. It is time to breathe more freely. It is time to “be” more freely.… Read More A Simple Breath Work Technique to Release Tightness in the Chest


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