What It Means “To Be”.

What It Means “To Be”.

In essence to be, is to exist in this dominant time/space continuum that you have elected to live from. It is to experience your now for you have your own unique perspective on this.

While two like minded souls may sit together and observe the same sunset, each would report it differently if asked to.

One may recall distinctly the colours and tones as they faded away. Perhaps the could smell a slight tinge of salt and the scent of ocean creatures in the air. They thought not much at all and mostly observed.

The other may have watched the same sunset and revelled in the fact that they were free right then and there. No work to do, no dinner to prepare, just time out to relax. Their mind wandered back to a similar sunset a decade ago shared with their beloved before they had children, while traveling. Warm memories continued to flow whilst they enjoyed the setting sun. And of course, a third person would report again another experience altogether.

So when you ask what it means to be, know that this merely means you are in the moment. You allow yourself to be you. You flow what comes to you and through you while knowing deep within, that this is all that is ever needed.

Each of you are a divine spark encountering your individual experience of your current life.

We each live our moments uniquely and this contributes to something far greater. While we know that this serves the soul well, more of us beginning to glean that our experience is also a part of a grand understanding of the highest order.

No one can be you, can “be”, as you would be.

So be easy on yourselves. Let go of any picky thoughts or judgements and love yourself as the Divine loves you, completely.

This will always help you “to be”.

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Contact From Afar.

Contact From Afar.

There are worlds outside of worlds thought far beyond reach. At times some from these worlds, including their wise elders, may reach out and contact some of you to relay messages of guidance and wisdom.

They are aware of your planet’s circumstances and may have even endured similar phases before evolving themselves, and so from very good and honest intentions they will connect with certain channels to offer you support through guidance and mentoring.

One does not need to fear them. You can always check in with Source to discern their true intentions and so choose whether to channel their messages or not. You refer to them en masse as “aliens” and for many of you they are such for you do not know who these others are. In fact you know very little at all.

Some of you choose to refer to them as “Star Beings” for they live on other planets or stars far away from your galaxy.

Your indigenous people across the planet Earth have known of them for much longer than “civilized” humanity has. They have had their amicable interactions with them on many occasions and were open and welcoming of their visits.

Star Beings will visit again for they wish to connect with humans. They will come bearing gifts of science and technology and share new flora and fauna once more. Their desire is to be brothers and sisters, not to invade or destroy Earth as science fiction films predict.

For channels who are being contacted by Star Beings, know that you can be open to this communication minus the fear. Again, check in first to ensure the integrity of the being channeling and once satisfied that they are of pure intention listen to the guidance.

These Star Beings are not unlike very, very, very old wise elders who know much, in many circumstances, more than humanity has yet learned or discovered. Their information is beneficial and often timely.

You are all guided by the Divine, the Universal Source of Unconditional Love and Intelligence, you and the Star Beings. Connection is important to you all regardless of where you were born in the expansive Universe. Although light years apart you are still able to connect.

Channels be open to the magic and the possibilities on the horizon.

The Hidden Potential of Your Vulnerability.

The Hidden Potential of Your Vulnerability.

The most beneficial way we can be with ourselves when we experience vulnerability is to be gentle.

Most often our inner tyrant will crack the whip and demand that we erect that rock solid armour immediately. This means protecting ourselves and can lead to going into defense mode. From this mental space, we will tell ourselves why what has occurred, been said or unveiled, is not true.

We might even land ourselves in denial and risk the opportunity to actually grow from a situation that has arisen to serve our expansion.

If anything we will re-enter the world with sharp edges, cold armour and stern faces making sure we keep others at a safe distance. While we may feel stronger (on the outside) this does not benefit us overall. We limit our personal growth and expansion of self.

The second most immediate response is that of victim. We indulge our vulnerability and feed ourselves more memories and thoughts that serve to undermine our confidence further. For an off-track ego this is an opportunity to rip out all of the former stories and past evidence to render us feeling unnecessarily helpless, hopeless, and wrongly perceiving growth to be pointless.

There is always another alternative response. Sit gently with your vulnerability. Go into to the gooey softness of this exposed sensation (while in a safe space) and feel it. No thinking is required, just feel it. We are in a state that is supremely tender. From this space we have the choice to feel into it and understand it more. We do not need to fear it or push it away. It’s mellow essence has the potential to pacify our emotions if we allow this so that we let go of the overthinking and can be one with the vulnerable experience.

In its own fortuitous manner, we come to discover that vulnerability has its positive attributes.

Our hearts open and the ability to be compassionate is often at its most intense potentiality. Now that you have surrendered to your vulnerable state, let’s work with this to capitalize on the whole encounter. Firstly, I want you to remember that you are not alone in your vulnerability. From your open heart you can hold space for others and to positive recourse.

Place your attention on those in the world who also feel vulnerable right now, a collective of people, a nation even. Breathe in the rawness, the sensitivity, the unknowingness or fear they may have. Now breathe out love, strength, confidence, resilience and hope for this collective.

Next focus on someone you know who is vulnerable in this moment. Apply the same energy breath-work technique. Breathe in the rawness, the sensitivity, the unknowingness or fear they may have. Now breathe out love, strength, confidence, resilience and hope for this collective.

Finally focus on yourself and apply this energy breath-work technique.

You have just sent energetic ripples of healing, love and strength to others.

From your very vulnerable space you have generously supported others AND yourself.

You remember that you will survive sitting in your discomfort, in your vulnerability. While not comfortable, you are aware that it cannot harm you.

When ready, go back out into the world, be gentle with you, and choose kindness in situations and surrounds. You are loved. You are resilient. You have survived much already. You will experience your every day strength again. Until then loving kindness to yourself is key.

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The Light Within You.

The Light Within You.

When we let go of our thinking and allow ourselves to go even deeper, as is the case when meditating, we often emerge feeling energised. Our reconnection can feel like light is re-entering our body and, as a consequence, we experience the sensation of feeling lighter in our physical bodies.

In the allowing of the light into one’s being, you can transcend the limitations of physical form. While in session with clients, I experience this as a channel, and at times, so do they. We are reminded that the physical is only one realm of reality.

Your core is made up of light. This luminescent energy, also referred to as soul or spirit, is pure vibrating love. It is within you at all times.

It does not decrease in amount if one is to experience sadness or depression. Similarly it does not increase when one is full of optimism and excitement. The reason that others perceive you are glowing is because you do not restrict this inner light from being visible.

It is more accurate to say that this light is no longer hidden deep within and so it dances to the surface of the physical form, able to be recognised once more. It is your “aliveness” in the moment that releases the light into cognizance.

What is important to note, is that the level or intensity, or even amount of light, does not in fact change. The quality of this light, so to speak, can never be diminished by a challenging life experience.

You may endeavour to keep it under wraps, or not want others to notice it, but you cannot affect the amount of light that your soul is comprised of.

In this sense you do not have control. It is your birthright and is as essential to you as your breathing.

The light within does not lessen or increase because you will it too either. It always exists. It is what renders you “alive” or “living”. It is the same force or energy that animates your human physical form – the body (or bodysuit as I like to call it). At death, the energy leaves the physical form entirely.

Some have reported that as they felt life slipping away that they encountered an unusual dimming of light, a sensation of sliding into gradual darkness.

This is the physical experience of the mind and senses witnessing the light leaving. Where does this light go? It returns to the limitless collective light.

Understand the magnificent, omnipotent beautiful light that you all consist of as it truly is. It is always there, always vibing away at your fingertips any time you choose to allow it to animate your being. Shine regardless as this is your innate magic. You simply need to allow this to be through truly “living”.

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Stay in Trust.

Stay in Trust.

I’ve noticed in many sessions with clients or when channeling alone that visions of manifesting are never about the person chasing something. Contrary to popular belief, we do not need to hustle and push for anything. In fact the Universe is more likely to send us a mirror of such actions and we may feel pushed, squashed or pressured even.

The image more commonly delivered to me is one where the desires you have sit on an invisible shelf- not unlike a virtual supermarket.

Here you float with your silhouette trolley, pick whatever it is you desire from the shelf, and once you return home it materializes.

In knowing this, one can also trust that if you need a break, or want to take time out, that the invisible items aren’t going anywhere. They’re there for you always on the shelf, waiting for when you’re ready and in alignment with your desires and ready to receive fully.

Now this means you’re in flow and ready to receive as opposed to allowing your thoughts or ego to behave like imposing security guards at the virtual supermarket entrance, blocking your way. In fact blocking your access to all that your desire.

So take five, take ten, take a week off or slow it down when the body asks you.

The path will always wait for you as will your desires.

They will wait as patiently as your pooch does, for you to return home from work and finally take him/her for a walk. Stay in the magic friends and listen to your bodies.

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Thrive Through Awareness Of Your Natural Cycles.

Thrive Through Awareness Of Your Natural Cycles.

There is added value in following one’s own natural cycles. Akin to the ocean and her tidal movements, you as individuals have your own ebbs, flows, high tide, low tide and so forth.

When you wake up in the morning you may get an inkling of how you would like your day to be. First connect with yourself to get a sense of your energy level or flow that day.

In particular, when on holidays, you will often find the choice is completely yours. Do you rest in bed a little longer and have a late breakfast or get up earlier to chase the first waves of daylight? These decisions and more are best made in accordance with your own inner cycle.

Similarly at work you may find that you feel a maxim of productivity spilling forth from your entire being. Master those tasks perceived as more difficult or time-consuming. It is like riding a big wave and feeling the energy behind you, carrying you easily. The same applies when working. Use this vitality to get through the larger tasks. Another day may see a more gentle low tide where energetically your natural inclination is sombre and calm, perhaps slower even. Undertake the quieter and less challenging tasks where possible.

Even for the creatives, when experiencing a lull in inspiration, you can choose to focus on the admin tasks or ride the internet absorbing creative designs of others that may not even be related to your field.

You know how it is when the creative juices are overflowing and you don’t even have to think about the actual design, solution, or next phase of your project. This state will flow to you again so rest in your down time in good faith.

Our cycles can be daily, hourly, interspersed in blocks of a month or more. However yours are occurring is the truth for you. No need to push extra hard all of the time.

The space that you give yourself to wind down provides you with big wave energy when later required.

Trust in this. Stay in sync with your energy cycles as much as possible. Be kind to you when you feel low or even diminished. For it is the physical, intellectual and emotional being asking you for quiet moments for energetic restoration.

The energy will be replenished and you have no need to fear otherwise. Rest and restore then truly invite the energy supply for continued circulation. It only completely stops for long periods if you believe this to be the case. Rest and say yes to the energy flowing to every cell.

Do yourself a favour, ask yourself how you are feeling today. Then respond with loving kindness taking your needs in to account.

This is self-love in action – or sometimes via inaction. Both are valuable and underpin your ability to thrive.

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