When people witness me channel or do a healing, either individually or at a workshop, they often ask how I do it. To be honest, it’s the connection I have with Source combined with my faith and ability to let go of all thinking and judgement – and partly due to the large communication antennae that sits on top of my head (according to a psychic I saw many years ago!).

Like many people, I had some pretty scary experiences when I was younger. There are some childhood ones that I have still only told very few people of for I feared I would be deemed unwell! So I did my very best to block visions and experiences of spirits and entities. It wasn’t to say that some didn’t get through during the day or the night. There were times that I wondered if I would get out alive and other incidents that left me elated knowing that the magic is real. I owe much of my discovery to my beloved Nanna, who although deceased, would visit me in dreams during my 30s to explain reality and unlimited possibility to me. She really was the one to direct me when I was at my most open-minded (asleep).

Fortunately I found the best mentor ever in my early 40s, and while working with her, I learnt not only how to protect myself and send willing spirits to the Light, I quickly discovered that I could channel. Automatic writing is the method I mostly adopt for all of the wisdom I channel and share here on my blog. Many messages were universal and seemed destined for the ears and hearts of humanity. For individual clients and groups, including workshops and video clips, I am able to tune in and communicate verbally.

When connected, I see visions, I hear the wisdom of Source, or perhaps it pours through me (hence the term channel) and so I communicate the messages and guidance. I experience the feelings or ailments of people I am working with at times. I can tell you that I have experienced so many incredible things that I am certain that magic truly is our daily reality and anything is possible. It’s like there is this other world, just outside of ours, that not all of us sense, yet it is real, tangible to some of us, expansive and unlimited. Oh and it’s full of love and light – as ours will be!

On some occasions a deceased family member, or even someone from a past-life or this life, will appear when I am connected. However I believe it is always best to check in with the highest Source first, then check with my client if they’re ok for a conversation or guidance to happen. I personally choose to always connect to Source though, the purest and most unconditional loving of all. Some call it the Universal Intelligence and is it all knowing?!

It has been in the past year that I have further developed as a healer, and this is most likely due to my willingness to embrace this. There are many, MANY more light workers out there in the world. Some have gifts not unlike the ones I have been lucky to receive and described briefly here. Others are bringing about change for they carry love, hope and compassion for humanity in their daily lives and manner. This is equally powerful in the transformation that is taking place.

What I like to offer to my clients are my gifts, skills and knowledge to equip them to master life’s journey. My approach is one that is personal, supportive and uplifting. It’s always a buzz to see someone walk away feeling fresh, clear, positive and burden-free.

Basically you get to ask the burning questions and I receive the answers and strategies to benefit you in life, love, family relationships, health, dreams and career. Whether you are a leader, individual, team or corporation, I provide guidance and mentoring of the highest order to ensure you progress and shine.

“Each time I have had a session, more of my path and journey has been revealed, that has complimented and enhanced my personal self growth, and life work.” – Neha Verma, Mindfulness Teacher and Practitioner and Energy Healer at Sweet Therapie, Oman.

If you find yourself unsure of what to do next, are experiencing a challenge in your personal or work life, or wish to move forward, contact me to book in a session.

“I recommend you work with Sin to help you lift the burdens and remove the blocks so that you may shine in health and joy.” – Seila Chapman, Founder of We Are Relationships, Australia.

I welcome you to this space I have created to share the light. May you in turn share the ideas that come to you and transform this world a step closer to what it will be.