Communication. Connection.

Waterfalls will run. The grass in a meadow will wave lightly from side to side in the wind. So too does human kind have its own unique rhythms. Moving forwards, stepping backwards in unison to the rhythm of an inaudible ancient beat.

You can witness this across the globe when you begin to notice the patterns that are exhibited on foreign shores when later mirrored on your own. It is about connectivity. Like lines that run under the earth’s surface and connect, so too do streams of energy travel from one continent to another. This transference again is because you are all ultimately connected.

It is not merely the media that communicates what is happening far, far away. It is vibration.

The struggles you will share as people based on one land to another are more similar than you realise. These patterns make up the mosaic that is like a web with satellites pointing to the various lands and shining down and focusing on each corner, so to speak.

It is quite simple. You are brothers. You are sisters. You are one and so it also makes sense that you can interpret another’s pain, another’s anguish, another’s joy. It is the reason you’re able to not only discern another’s emotion as you talk to them, you can feel them. Many of you feel them as if they were your own.

You will label this with psychology terms for you are often more comfortable putting things in boxes and giving such matters limits. Why? Because many of you fear the depth of connection you are able to tap into. For some, it is automatic and at times, even more scary. You worry that you will be burdened, exhausted or become weary. Not true.

This capability is available to you all as it was always intended that you could love one another and have the joy of shared connection as an experience.

Emotions do not make us tired. Other peoples’ feelings do not exhaust us. Being stuck or holding on will appear as fatigue to the soul. Choose to let the waters flow, the blades of grass to sway in your own hearts.

Connect more and drop those guards. Let down those barriers. It is the honesty of communication and connection that will fill the heart with awe inspiring love. These are the memories that you will cherish when older.

Open your heart, open your ears, your eyes and even your mouths. Share what it is that you feel and give others the opportunity to dive in deep and float to the surface with glee. You are brothers. You are sisters.

You are all light-filled souls creating physical and energetic exchanges. Enjoy the possibilities and soar with passionate flow as intended – connected.

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14 thoughts on “Communication. Connection.

  1. Indeed we are connected. The more connected we are the more we feel what’s going on in this crazy world. If more people embraced that connection, rather than blocked it because of the acuteness of it,we could become that living organism. Working as one, united with energy flowing freely between us. Help each other to experience beauty and kindness. Awesome post xx

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