Dream Big For Your Dream Career.

Imagine a clean slate. Pristine, bare and open for all ideas. Then imagine the artist with charcoal in hand applying graceful strokes and expressions on to this canvas. Movements that flow, ideas that are allowed to chase the currents of now until forming this final product of creativity. Is the artist finished? No.

The artist then commences another piece, absorbing what has been learnt and trialled from the former product and building an artistic repertoire for the next creation.

Career choices resemble such processes. You perform a role and absorb many lessons and skills only to transfer these into the next realm of career opportunity. Consider this expression, in what it is that you do, to be transformative. Rather than putting these various roles into boxes for itemising and cataloguing, view these as commonalities and advancements of your unique artistic repertoire.

Invite the Universe to provide all that it is you desire in this doing realm that you call career. For the Universe shall deliver as specifically as the questions you ask.

Dream big and remember to ask for all that you desire. There is magic, like golden dust, shimmering over all the career dreams that you have.

For those who are not yet sure of what this dream career may look like, trust instead that the elements and qualities you wish to use will be applied in a doing incarnation. Focus on these qualities being used in a way that you relish, in circumstances that you enjoy the most.

What we do not know yet can only ever mean expansiveness in opportunity. For this oppeness to what may ensue assures us that there is lots of room for opportunities to manifest.

Similarly if you have a finite idea of the career you are seeking, be sure to send the Universe a clear message about the talents and skills you wish to use and circumstances.

The blank canvas you hold is yours for the creating. Your expressive strokes a co-creation of your dreaming and the Universe’s gifting. Enjoy every moment and keep trusting.

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