Healing the Hearts of Horses.

Healing the Hearts of Horses.

A new dear friend, who is also a healer, recently posted a photo of her and a beautiful horse on Instagram. She mentioned to me later that one of her first healing experiences was with a horse when she was a child, adding that it was incredible to work and connect with them, and that I should try it if I ever get the opportunity.

We all know the Universe works in mysterious ways so it shouldn’t really have been a surprise that a week later I received an enquiry to channel guidance and healing for a horse here in the South of France, where I’ve been based. I was very excited!

While I have worked with many domestic pets before, my first session with a horse was incredible. It had to be remote as I was in Spain at the time. This had no bearing on the intensity of the healing session nor the pure guidance for the horse and owner. I was initiated into the majestic soul realms of horses. There is such a depth of emotion and a seriousness I didn’t anticipate.

A couple of days after the session I was invited to the ranch to do a number of sessions in person. Word had got around and I found myself back in France on a hot dry summer’s day in the company of horses and their loving owners, of various ages.

The air was filled with tangible magic, for myself, the horses, their owners and my trusty translator. Bales of healing and buckets of truth came to light to support much needed shifts for many.

I felt privileged to channel each session, that’s for sure.

My take home from intimately working with horses that day, was their boundless experience of emotion with their big brimming hearts. It is here that many horses store their memories, good ones and the sad or challenging ones.

While they don’t think and overthink the way we do, significant memories and even trauma, lingered on in many of their hearts and the third eye region. For some, ailments manifested as a result of trapped emotion and trauma, as is often the case for humans.

All of the horses I worked with were open and willing to receive energetic healing. They freely shared their concerns when asked if they had any questions or messages. In fact I witnessed their close ties with their owners and was surprised at their unwavering sense of responsibility and care of them! It was clear to me that they know a lot more about their human friends than one might expect.

Photo of horse client that Sin Mariani provided energetic healing and channeled guidance for.

The most significant purpose though of this article is the message to talk to your horses. Tell them about any changes you may be planning, even when moving them to a new paddock or thinking of finding them a companion. If the situation arises where you need to provide a new owner, communicate this clearly to your horse. You can reassure the horse that it is still loved and going to a welcoming new home. They understand more than we give them credit for.

By communicating what’s going on and any future plans, you keep your horse informed and support it to emotionally process what’s happening in their life. They remember this too, how you cared for them and talked to them.

This type of communication also works with cats and dogs. If you’re going on holidays and you’ve planned alternative arrangements for your pets inform them of this: where you’re going, why, how long for and who will be taking good care of them. Be sure to give them a couple of weeks notice if possible and more frequent reassuring reminders as you approach your departure date.

I’ve discovered so much about certain species of mammals I’ve worked with over the years and their tendencies. Many humans like to think that animals don’t have feelings, memories or deep experiences, but they do. For this reason I hope this guidance helps animal lovers, pet owners and your furry friends/family.

We too learn through open communication so feel free to discuss this information with others. If one more horse or pet benefits from a more communicative owner then I have succeeded in my purpose of sharing this knowledge with you.

If you would like individual to book a channeled guidance or healing session for you, your horse or other pet contact Sin. Please know that energetic healing can assist with the shifting of old emotions, blocks, trauma and physical health.

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Facing Challenging Situations.

Facing Challenging Situations.

When we truly let go of a situation, we find that we are able to see the totality of what is going on, or what has happened. Our mind is clear, our thoughts have ceased and so suddenly we are able to perceive matters in an authentic way. We will see the truth and comprehend a solution where one is required.

It is like taking a step backwards and placing aside the magnifying glass that we used to examine our portion so intently. And so we free ourselves up to experience all that has occurred or is occurring. This is divine wisdom that we have within. We can tap into this at any time we choose. We merely need to silence the ego chatter, empty our minds and allow what it is that needs our attention to finally stand out.

When you are faced with the difficult circumstances of a challenging situation or person apply this technique. You will discover how not to feed your own internal arguments.

You will recognise your ego voice for what it is. You will cease your analysing and “what if” stories. Now you are the empty cup that can receive light and be full to the brim. Overflowing even. Some of you may giggle once you reach this state for you comprehend quite quickly just how much folly your mind has entertained.

You will realise that there is no problem or drama or difficulty. Your former limited vision will be replaced with an expansive experience of peace and compassion. You will be able to view others involved with an open heart. It simply will be the case that this has happened. The love that you feel for those involved then outweighs all intellectual analysis or emotional persuasion. From this space of great love, many possibilities will spring forth.

We can not ever know what it is to walk in another’s shoes completely. You are all unique as are your experiences, lessons, responses and solutions.

The best thing you can do is let go of your own thoughts, ideas and opinions and listen to the others involved. Have you really asked them the best questions to determine their fears, expectations or disappointments? Have you truly come back to your place of unconditional love for them and yourself to remember that this is about all involved winning?

Be the role model that you wish for others to have in life. This is not about perfection. This is about true unconditional love.

For it is in the times that you may feel tested that your actions will count most.

Do not worry about being right or more clever or even more experienced. This is all hearsay so to speak. Focus your attention on clearly understanding another’s position, regardless of how well it reflects or contrasts to your own. This is their truth and you cannot change this.

You can change what you will get from the challenge. Growth. The lesson itself. A sense of peace and well being. A feeling of warm satisfaction that all will ultimately be well. All is well now.

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It Is Time For Change.

It Is Time For Change.

There is a lot to be said about the current state of the world. Hate and fear are playing out as part of an ego game led by leaders who are out of balance, and in turn, react with fear, hatred and ego. Like “how dare you do this to us?”. And then the other replies “But how dare you do this to us? To my people?”.

The sooner you stop taking ownership of each other and dissolve segregation in any form, the sooner humans will live in peace. It is the evolutionary process of humankind to wake up. While some of you, many of you, continue to wake up, it is more difficult for those trapped in the ego. Egoic leaders trapped in the belief that their way is best or their people and ideas are more important. How to change this?

It is in your structures. Your politics. You’re existing systems.

All are too fearful that there is not enough for everyone. And yet if all the wealth, food and resources were to be shared, there is.

There may come a time when your current form of resource management does not meet the demands. If you act smarter about everything you will also find solutions to this.

The earth is abundant and the ideal place for you to all coexist, share, grow and spend more money on love and solutions and less time and resources on fear, hatred, better than stances and greed.

It’s time that more of you spoke up vocally to your Governments and really questioned existing systems. There are professionals and intellectuals who can convince with their respect due to knowledge, money and power. Others can contribute their voice and support new ways with their communication, education of others, voting and verbal support.

Many fear such significant change, yet what else can humankind do? It can not continue the way it is.

History has always shown that wars do not work. Yes they fuel capitalism temporarily, still ultimately the grief, death, loss, loss of well-being, loss to communities, and families devastate generations until enough time has passed to rebuild and heal.

Appeal to the intellectuals, the theorists, the philosophers, those who have ideas for new ways to govern, co-exist and grow together based on an equal love of “humanity”… irrespective of all else.

Allow others difference yet come back to the fundamental truth that you are all ultimately brothers and sisters.

It is time for change, you all feel it. Start the conversations.

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Communication. Connection.

Communication. Connection.

Waterfalls will run. The grass in a meadow will wave lightly from side to side in the wind. So too does human kind have its own unique rhythms. Moving forwards, stepping backwards in unison to the rhythm of an inaudible ancient beat.

You can witness this across the globe when you begin to notice the patterns that are exhibited on foreign shores when later mirrored on your own. It is about connectivity. Like lines that run under the earth’s surface and connect, so too do streams of energy travel from one continent to another. This transference again is because you are all ultimately connected.

It is not merely the media that communicates what is happening far, far away. It is vibration.

The struggles you will share as people based on one land to another are more similar than you realise. These patterns make up the mosaic that is like a web with satellites pointing to the various lands and shining down and focusing on each corner, so to speak.

It is quite simple. You are brothers. You are sisters. You are one and so it also makes sense that you can interpret another’s pain, another’s anguish, another’s joy. It is the reason you’re able to not only discern another’s emotion as you talk to them, you can feel them. Many of you feel them as if they were your own.

You will label this with psychology terms for you are often more comfortable putting things in boxes and giving such matters limits. Why? Because many of you fear the depth of connection you are able to tap into. For some, it is automatic and at times, even more scary. You worry that you will be burdened, exhausted or become weary. Not true.

This capability is available to you all as it was always intended that you could love one another and have the joy of shared connection as an experience.

Emotions do not make us tired. Other peoples’ feelings do not exhaust us. Being stuck or holding on will appear as fatigue to the soul. Choose to let the waters flow, the blades of grass to sway in your own hearts.

Connect more and drop those guards. Let down those barriers. It is the honesty of communication and connection that will fill the heart with awe inspiring love. These are the memories that you will cherish when older.

Open your heart, open your ears, your eyes and even your mouths. Share what it is that you feel and give others the opportunity to dive in deep and float to the surface with glee. You are brothers. You are sisters.

You are all light-filled souls creating physical and energetic exchanges. Enjoy the possibilities and soar with passionate flow as intended – connected.

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