Joining The Human Dots.

Start with a blank canvas. You can do this at any time. Find your centre, locate the grounded position of mind where mental chatter has ceased and view your blank canvas. If you could paint anything whatsoever on this canvas to please you, what would you paint? What colours, strokes or patterns? Would it excite you to look at this finished canvas? Would it calm you and provide a sense of deep contemplation? Would it invigorate your being? Or would it exemplify a point of focus?

If we were each to undertake the creative application of expressing ourselves on a canvas, to later show each other our work, we would realise the results would be unique. Perhaps we might have some similarities with another in choice of colours used or even share a particular flow of the brush.

Still we would not discover that any two of us painted an identical art work.

We are each intricate beings with unique settings and combinations, both varied and real, yet connecting and interconnecting irrespective of our contrasts.

This is often due to our innate approach that involves seeking out the similarities and the overlaps, the preference of the same colour scheme!

Ultimately we uncover the crossover in experience and the analogous memories, hopes and dreams bring us closer together. We feel validated and excited at the same time knowing that this other person, even a stranger, contributes to our understanding of life experiences.

Do you want to go a little further?

Challenge yourself to find the commonality in those that you feel least connected to in your life or surrounds.

Open your mind and your heart so as to glimpse what like, preference or even dream it is that you have in common.

It is in this way, with this awareness, that you will continue to join the human dots. You will gently forge one seamless flowing connection from one to another. The walls of delusion and division will disappear as you recall that you all have the same human heart beating, beating, beating in time.

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