The Currents Of Life

A pebble will lie in a stream unmoved by the fresh water currents. It is still, feeling the flow of energy tumble over it’s surface as it passes by. Tranquil and placid, the pebble is present.

A storm may arrive and flood the stream with gushing glory. The pebble may find itself being tossed around the bed of the stream, rolling over other stones, brushing past reeds and moving once more.

It will arrive at another place and discover itself in a new stationary position. The pebble sits peacefully once more.

The currents of your lives mirror this, at times pushing you this way or pushing you that.

You may even find yourselves struggling against the stream, perceiving the strong currents as undesirable and certainly not what you asked for nor expected.

Allow yourself to go soft and roll with the flow. Experience the gentle sensations as you come into contact with other pebbles on the move like yourself, or even the ones resting patiently beneath the undertow.

Trust that you will land in a new place and with a sense of wonder at how you arrived there. The ebbs and flows of your lives are intangible to the mind and out of reach of one’s control.

Some call it destiny. Others experience. Either way I can assure you that these unexpected shifts will always serve your soul’s purpose and desire to grow.

Next time you feel the currents tugging at your being, let go and allow yourself to float down stream. You will always land safely. Tranquility will return to you. The energy of the ride will infuse your entire being and you will feel very much alive once more.

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