Star Children.

Let’s talk about star children, sent to the earth to transform those around them and the world as they see it. As gentle as fairies and delicate souls who have no need for hard exteriors or protection, they trust in the ultimate good of all. 

They have the ability to transform those they come into contact with. It is almost mesmerising, yet not as dreamy as this may sound. Bright eyes, bright souls, quick and intelligent. Emotionally sensitive and in tune with others without words.

When many star children connect together it is a powerful frequency, a vibration shift that all will pick up on. They weave in and out and around you, connecting you magically to each other.

They are playful and youthful and their focus is connection. You can see them, you will meet them, even if you are unaware that they are star children.

And by this I mean they are not originally from your planet although they inhabit it during this lifetime. They do not have wings like Peter Pan or pointy ears. Still you will feel the hum of their vibration as it soothes your souls.

Do not be afraid. There may be much that you do not know yet and much more for humankind to fathom. As much as the egoic entities exist, so too do many kinds of light beings. You will be unable to do anything but love and adore the star children. They are here now in human form. Some are very old in human years. You know you may have met them for this will seem oddly familiar and make sense to some of you.

Again this is the magic that many of your spiritual people talk and write about. Just another form. It is truly expansive, all of the possibilities, the entities, life forms and beings when you open your mind’s eye.

Remember back to when you were a small and there were experiences you had that made sense to you and were real to you? Your adult self may have closed off to this for it has been trained to think logically and prove matters with tangible facts.

When you abandon all of these adult perceptions you may just uncover the wonder and glimpse the expanse I speak of.

Your little children, your babies, they are open to all and more that is in existence. Their wonder is true and not to be underestimated. Allow them this, cultivate their openess for they will be a pathway for more good magic to enter your world.

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