Coming From Love.

With light comes honesty and integrity. And so when one walks into the light they are surrendering their ego, secrets, untruths and their own self-denial.

This may require some energetic purging, some clearing of old energies and letting go of former behaviours, ideas, activities, even people, who no longer serve your highest good in this life.

This is not to say that one is then entitled to be judgmental for this would clearly indicate that the ego is still having its say and control in perceiving a situation.

The enlightened person looks at all of their brothers and sisters with love and compassion. Where anger once was, gentle understanding can be reached. Where hatred was once felt, an incoming genuine love can be received and sent.

There is no right or wrong. There is only this opinion or that opinion. For either party holding the opinion it will feel completely true and right. Their ego will seek the evidence it believes is required to back up the opinion held. Sometimes it may even occur that a simple truth or fact may be ingested and regurgitated by the ego and later look nothing like its original form. This is humanity’s challenge of mind/ego mixed with belief.

In all of the world arguments, even those close to home, rise above and survey the conflict below. You will see that coming from love could mend them all.

That first truly remembering that you are all one, all from the same source, and all brothers and sisters, that you would cease fighting.

It would only take one long look in the other’s eyes and the willingness to see through to the heart for you to remember this and hug.

The love and care of each other outweighs all differences of opinions. However it takes truly being in the light, truly seeing another and feeling their heart for all conflict to dissipate.

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