Love Connects All. 

Messages come to us in our time of need. We may feel that they have arrived too late in terms of our desired “timing”. The Universe knows no time. I know no time. I know rhythms.

The vibration I send to you is a reminder of great love and how important this is to many.

So many who feel alone, forgotten about, unloved. Some who have closed doors on their hearts, others who have stepped into the shadows, believing themselves into non-existence.

Love reaches all, it is within everyone’s reach.

Many need reminders and so the more of you that take small steps to bestow love and attention on one another, the more humankinds’ global heart will lighten.

The next time you pass your neighbour that you sense is alone, take a few minutes to talk to them, to ask them questions. Slowly discover who they are.

Your discretion is not required for loneliness can be dressed in all manner of ways from the successful looking executive to the young introverted teenager.

Touch one another’s hearts more often. This connectivity comes at no cost yet the treasures you will reap together will always be abundant.

Reach out to extend, reach out to receive. Do not be surprised if the tables turn and you find yourself the benefactor of a stranger’s gifting. Love, it is limitless, wonderful and connects all.

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