Honesty is the Door to Healing.

We may choose to tell ourselves stories that set our life’s scenery. At times we may embellish these to create a bigger picture of how we are and how things seem. We may become so attached to the painted pictures that we believe this is how it has always been. Our memories are coloured with our own repetition and hence our life canvas may appear quite differently to the blueprint that has actually been our lived experience.

For many the colourful canvas is easier to view. It is easier to live with and provides a kind of comfort that the true reality never did.

Ultimately we are wanting that state of comfortability, that life of happiness and ease, to sail smooth waters. Yet are we risking ourselves the opportunity to gain from life’s valuable challenges and experiences? For when we shut down our reality we close our growth off to the possibilities of any learning associated with contrast.

The key here is to let go of shame, to let go of embarrassment and accept ourselves and our lives as they are. It is not to say that one must not dream of brighter futures, more abundance and calmer waters. It is to acknowledge that “yes I have lived this, I am here now and have gained wisdom and insight from the experience.”

Do not care for the opinions, thoughts or judgements of others, for these have no space in the heart and soul.

Let go of the ego voice that takes over and fools you into believing that this is more important than facing your own realities truthfully.

Perfection is not required nor expected.

Expansion of your wisdom, growth within your heart and discovering unconditional love will always outweigh the value of another’s opinion of you.

Let it all go, cast any denial aside and allow yourself the beauty of the freedom attained from being completely honest with yourself. This surrender will open the door to the healing you deserve and ultimately set you free.

Self love awaits you – the greatest love of all.

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