Wisdom From The Elders.

Hands for healing. Hands for giving. To cup water when drinking fresh from a stream. To touch the face of a loved one tenderly. To touch an arm in reassurance. We all need connection and tenderness.

When we connect with others we heal the holes of loss and emptiness. We top up the soul with nourishing gifts. We shed light on the challenges we were not able to comprehend or understand before. The sharing of wisdom in this way has been important to tribes for thousands of years. The sacred knowledge, the secrets passed on to each generation. It is ever so important to do so now.

The elders of tribes knew when it was time to share the next gem of wisdom and when to wait. To wait for the lesson to be learned or experienced.

It is not in the telling of how it will be that one learns. It is in the moments after the lesson has occurred when an adult will look to the sky like a small child and ask “why?”.

It was in these moments, when the soul was open and ready to listen, that the elders would gently share their wisdom. For it is not that we know something already, that that person will also know. They are on their own journey, in their reality, discovering for themselves pebbles of truth along the way. Placing the stones into pockets to be used later when grounding is needed once more. No person’s journey should be sped up or slowed down. The pace is as individual as they are, the path as varied as all of the various personalities.

What we can do when we think we know the answer is ask ourselves “Is it time to share this?” If you feel inside no it is not, then let it all go. For if not you another will arrive in the person’s life at a time when the wisdom is ready to be heard.

We enter each other’s lives to bring love and joy and connection. We will exchange ideas and lessons. Yet lessons were not intended to be taught by the one master. Not ever.

There is wisdom for us all in the acceptance that we each will have many mentors for the right purpose, when and as needed. Even if momentarily.

It is always best to let it go and trust, if not today, the person you care about will have opportunity again to receive the wisdom needed. Their soul knows their own timing. We can trust in this.

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Photo credit: Tully

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