The Revolution That Will Change The World.

You are all divine. You are all God’s children. Even those you perceive as evil and the enemy are made of light. They may cloak this in ego darkness and behave always and only from the mind. 

This is their path and their lesson in this lifetime.

They are not less, they are not more than anyone of you. Do not send them hatred. Send them love and light.

It is in the ultimate place of pure love that the magic can occur, that energy can be transformed and intention aligned once more to the divine principles which govern all worlds.

Do not send more darkness out into the world for this will continue to be mirrored back to you. When Jesus was despised and scorned he did not emit anything but love and light.

In the love and light that you emit here today you send a mirror, to those living in the darkness, of light. When all choose to consciously emit light and love true transformation occurs and will occur on a global scale.

While you cannot control the behaviour of another you can choose your own responses to the dark ego actions of others. Do not become this negative mirror for they will succeed in their ego driven plans and you will slowly lose your own God-given integrity.

Stay in your Godliness. This means digging deep to find unconditional love for all.

Build on the ever present light and positivity, the love and prosperity for all souls. Be bold. Be the change maker you want to see, that you want your children to later mirror.

You cannot fight darkness with darkness as the very wise soul of Dr. Martin Luther King has already taught you.

Choose love. Send love. Be love in all that you do. This is the revolution that will change the world, the means by which serenity will embrace you all.

Your biggest global challenges are upon you. How will you overcome this? With weapons? You already know the answer to this: with love and compassion. If every single one of you came from love and compassion every moment the ego dark rulers could not even exist.

They can only exist when there is a mirror of darkness, ego or anger reflecting back at them. Remove this mirror and they will be no more. They too will discover their own light and fear love no longer.

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