New Models. New Beginnings.

Things appear as they do now. This will not always be the case. Landscapes change. Architecture evolves. The skies’ colour slowly transforms. A palette of an artist will adapt.

Change is the currency of time. It has always been this way and always will be. With constant change comes new opportunities.

Humans have continually discovered new ways to cohabit with others. They trial political systems and theories to the hearts of each other.  Some even do this from a space of utmost integrity. Yet is it governance you all really require? Perhaps it is more leadership in guidance that would benefit you. Positive encouragement to do things like you never have done before.

Technological advancements beckon. Science teases you with an exponential increase in possibilities. The human heart remains the same. The soul still desires the same basic conditions it always has. Love and giving. Love and receiving. Pure basic love.

And so the clever things humans develop come from focused minds. Focusing on what you can create like you never have done before. The advancements you will introduce; the new ways of transport, living, eating and accomodating many. You will try one set of beliefs as a system, though this can never succeed truly.

It is difference that allows you to behave as individuals and decide what it is that you believe, what resonates with you most. In fact the best you could ever do collectively is simply respect each other’s different beliefs and approaches.

You may consider in the future that you are more successful as a species than you ever have been for you will create so many clever inventions and technologies. You will think you are calmer because you have chosen to respect intellect and your analytical thinking above all else. The heart can not stop. The soul will not sleep for long, second to mind only.

Yes this is one future picture I paint for you. It does not matter what future you paint for yourselves as a species. The soul will always be the most important. As is the case now, many awaken to the truth of all that happens around you and in other countries. So too will the truth of the technological facades be seen by many.

You can not run away from your imperfections. They are part of each of you and help you to grow and learn and have compassion. When you sit with your uncomfortableness of moments you are reminded of your core self, your soul and your desire to reach out and feel love, to receive love. This is life.

I do not judge your technological evolution, the changes that have been and continue to arrive.

I do want you to know that glass buildings beyond the cloud’s reach will excite your senses temporarily, yes. They will not fill the soul with richness.

You as individuals are the only means by which your soul can be filled with beauty. It is as simple as this. In knowing this what are you waiting for? It is all yours for the taking. All of this and more.

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