It Is Time For Change.

There is a lot to be said about the current state of the world. Hate and fear are playing out as part of an ego game led by leaders who are out of balance, and in turn, react with fear, hatred and ego. Like “how dare you do this to us?”. And then the other replies “But how dare you do this to us? To my people?”.

The sooner you stop taking ownership of each other and dissolve segregation in any form, the sooner humans will live in peace. It is the evolutionary process of humankind to wake up. While some of you, many of you, continue to wake up, it is more difficult for those trapped in the ego. Egoic leaders trapped in the belief that their way is best or their people and ideas are more important. How to change this?

It is in your structures. Your politics. You’re existing systems.

All are too fearful that there is not enough for everyone. And yet if all the wealth, food and resources were to be shared, there is.

There may come a time when your current form of resource management does not meet the demands. If you act smarter about everything you will also find solutions to this.

The earth is abundant and the ideal place for you to all coexist, share, grow and spend more money on love and solutions and less time and resources on fear, hatred, better than stances and greed.

It’s time that more of you spoke up vocally to your Governments and really questioned existing systems. There are professionals and intellectuals who can convince with their respect due to knowledge, money and power. Others can contribute their voice and support new ways with their communication, education of others, voting and verbal support.

Many fear such significant change, yet what else can humankind do? It can not continue the way it is.

History has always shown that wars do not work. Yes they fuel capitalism temporarily, still ultimately the grief, death, loss, loss of well-being, loss to communities, and families devastate generations until enough time has passed to rebuild and heal.

Appeal to the intellectuals, the theorists, the philosophers, those who have ideas for new ways to govern, co-exist and grow together based on an equal love of “humanity”… irrespective of all else.

Allow others difference yet come back to the fundamental truth that you are all ultimately brothers and sisters.

It is time for change, you all feel it. Start the conversations.

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