The Global Ascension Process. 

Let’s talk “Ascension”. Different stages of human evolution have occurred due to the ascension process. Across the globe an energetic vibration of illumination sweeps. There are periods in time where this has affected a significant number en masse.

The vibration is circulated, the receptors in physical form interpret the illumination and, as a consequence, evolution occurs.

This can be seen in the industrial revolution where the receptors were able to intellectually charge and create a new reality that would transform your civilisation.

In the late 60s and 70s the receptors in your hearts were affected by illumination with the revelation that all were equal regardless of race, in contrast to the former division that had ensued. And so many of you opened your hearts globally and raised children with love, acceptance and respect for diversity.

Another ascension is upon you globally. This ascension process is centred around your choices to manifest, to be mindful and to be aware that you are the creators of your reality.

This new ascension is being assimilated through your hearts for you are choosing love, honesty and positivity. You willingly discard fear and many of you abandon the limitations that your parents, families, friends and colleagues may have adhered, or still adhere to.

The integration is transforming your minds for you are now aware that the reality you live in, is the one you have created. You are mindful of the thoughts that do not serve your greater good and you let go of negativity and doubt.

The concept of manifestation, law of attraction, understanding your mirrors, and giving birth to all of your desires continues to be shared amongst humanity. With it more and more individuals are discovering true joy. They have the knowledge that mindfulness, living in the present, is the key to freedom of the spirit. You are able to witness and experience all of the beauty in the present moment. Naturally, more beauty and wonder will continue to flow in your life.

Now there is even more magic on its way. For while you begin to have fun creating the joyful life you desire, whilst focusing on the impeccable now, you will soon join together large groups to manifest your global future- sans war, inequality, degradation, division and so forth. This is the future vision that many of you have seen, channeled, feel or “just know” is on its way.

Continue on your path of exploration of all of the wonderful possibilities.

There are times you will sense it advantageous to share your knowledge of this new ascension with others who will benefit from the law of attraction or the simplicity of mindfulness.

The ascension I talk of is in its birthing stage and continues to circulate with ease. What an exciting time to experience your individual ascension and your personal contributions to the global ascension that vibrates stronger each moment?!

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