The World Is Shifting.

The World Is Shifting.

The world is shifting. You continue to observe evidence of this all of the time. You view new initiatives that support communities to grow stronger or that aim to reduce waste, the emergence of more and more ethical clothing companies who believe everyone in the world deserves to earn a fair wage, large successful protests by citizens to protect their environments.

Even most large corporations now have corporate social responsibility programs because many are no longer happy to simply make a company rich, we want to know that in some way we are making a difference.

Compare these few examples with how people were living even 100 years ago and you clearly see that humanity is evolving.

Yes, there are those that hold onto archaic ways and this most often stems from their approach to life whilst coming from an imbalanced ego. Let us not judge, rather send them love and light on their journey with the positive intention that they too may grow and learn in this lifetime.

One of the reasons you notice that the world is shifting is because this is a reflection of your own expansion. You believe in this beautiful gift of human evolution and so you seek out the evidence to support this. You are co-creating your reality.

Because you want the world, or more accurately humanity, to be kinder, more inclusive, more unconditionally loving and caring of one another you behave like this. You model loving acceptance and compassion towards all others around you including your family and child/children and so you are sculpting your world.

You and many others are consciously choosing this reality and so it exists and continues to reach more and flourish. This is manifestation at its most precious: when the human collective deliberately chooses to desire and be the loving way that they want all to experience.

Make no mistake, more and more of you are arriving at this beautiful awareness and selecting the options full of love and higher frequencies.

Continue to come from your deep love of one another, for Mother Earth and her exquisite inhabitants. You are leading the way. Your peace and calm is inspiring others to question themselves and their realities.

Your open hearts allow love to pour through and affect so many both in your surrounds and energetically across the globe.

Cultivate the utopian visions and share them with others. Remember collectively you can overcome any mental or practical obstructions for you are creative, clever and you are each Divine. Create the world that you want your children to live in, as well as yourselves.

This starts with wonderful you. How perfect? Each day you can step forth into the world knowing that you’re making a significant contribution simply by coming from love and compassion.

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Calling all Healers, Energy Workers & Light Practitioners.

Calling all Healers, Energy Workers & Light Practitioners.

Crystals carry energetic properties to support healing, allow flow, provide clarity, stimulate creativity and various other purposes. Charged within the soil directly by the earth’s core, they await the time to deliver their purpose more noticeably in the outside world. 

It is not that they do not already exist in possession of these energetic properties. It is their eventual discovery by humans that brings their magic to light. By this, I mean the light of day. For their magic has always existed, under the earth’s top surface, humming away and aligning energies. This is what they know to do, to carry and transform energies.

Now it is time for many of you, the healers, the energy workers, the light practitioners to climb from the undergrowth, feel the sun on your face and bare your gifts. You know you have always had them.

On some level, to some degree, you have known that you have a gift, or a kind of purpose, less tangible than other purposes, to share. And you do.

You no longer need to fear what others think, doubt yourself or hold back. It is your time to shine and conduct more light so as to energetically connect with others and raise the vibrations.

Humanity is ready to evolve to the next level. With so many of you awake and so many more of you awakening, you are creating shifts and dynamics to shape the next phase of your humanity. It is beautiful, it is wonderful, love is on the rise.

Keep doing what you do. Discard any expectation of perfection. Healing, facilitating, sharing and shifting energies does not require any standard to be met.

Always come from the purest of intentions, the highest love and allow flow to pervade all that you do.

Come forth, be brave and let your own crystal light flood your surrounds. It does not matter whether others can describe this or comprehend why. It is enough that they feel you, that they experience your soul’s divinity. You are the mirror and your light soul is enough to transform many without you pushing or demanding.

All that is needed is your soulful divine presence. Share this, do not hide away. Much light and love is being exchanged from spirit world to your world. Conduct this energetic connection as if you were joining the dots. Gently, patiently, until your world is lit up like the night sky full of stars.

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Honesty is the Door to Healing.

Honesty is the Door to Healing.

We may choose to tell ourselves stories that set our life’s scenery. At times we may embellish these to create a bigger picture of how we are and how things seem. We may become so attached to the painted pictures that we believe this is how it has always been. Our memories are coloured with our own repetition and hence our life canvas may appear quite differently to the blueprint that has actually been our lived experience.

For many the colourful canvas is easier to view. It is easier to live with and provides a kind of comfort that the true reality never did.

Ultimately we are wanting that state of comfortability, that life of happiness and ease, to sail smooth waters. Yet are we risking ourselves the opportunity to gain from life’s valuable challenges and experiences? For when we shut down our reality we close our growth off to the possibilities of any learning associated with contrast.

The key here is to let go of shame, to let go of embarrassment and accept ourselves and our lives as they are. It is not to say that one must not dream of brighter futures, more abundance and calmer waters. It is to acknowledge that “yes I have lived this, I am here now and have gained wisdom and insight from the experience.”

Do not care for the opinions, thoughts or judgements of others, for these have no space in the heart and soul.

Let go of the ego voice that takes over and fools you into believing that this is more important than facing your own realities truthfully.

Perfection is not required nor expected.

Expansion of your wisdom, growth within your heart and discovering unconditional love will always outweigh the value of another’s opinion of you.

Let it all go, cast any denial aside and allow yourself the beauty of the freedom attained from being completely honest with yourself. This surrender will open the door to the healing you deserve and ultimately set you free.

Self love awaits you – the greatest love of all.

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Love Connects All. 

Love Connects All. 

Messages come to us in our time of need. We may feel that they have arrived too late in terms of our desired “timing”. The Universe knows no time. I know no time. I know rhythms.

The vibration I send to you is a reminder of great love and how important this is to many.

So many who feel alone, forgotten about, unloved. Some who have closed doors on their hearts, others who have stepped into the shadows, believing themselves into non-existence.

Love reaches all, it is within everyone’s reach.

Many need reminders and so the more of you that take small steps to bestow love and attention on one another, the more humankinds’ global heart will lighten.

The next time you pass your neighbour that you sense is alone, take a few minutes to talk to them, to ask them questions. Slowly discover who they are.

Your discretion is not required for loneliness can be dressed in all manner of ways from the successful looking executive to the young introverted teenager.

Touch one another’s hearts more often. This connectivity comes at no cost yet the treasures you will reap together will always be abundant.

Reach out to extend, reach out to receive. Do not be surprised if the tables turn and you find yourself the benefactor of a stranger’s gifting. Love, it is limitless, wonderful and connects all.

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The Revolution That Will Change The World.

The Revolution That Will Change The World.

You are all divine. You are all God’s children. Even those you perceive as evil and the enemy are made of light. They may cloak this in ego darkness and behave always and only from the mind. 

This is their path and their lesson in this lifetime.

They are not less, they are not more than anyone of you. Do not send them hatred. Send them love and light.

It is in the ultimate place of pure love that the magic can occur, that energy can be transformed and intention aligned once more to the divine principles which govern all worlds.

Do not send more darkness out into the world for this will continue to be mirrored back to you. When Jesus was despised and scorned he did not emit anything but love and light.

In the love and light that you emit here today you send a mirror, to those living in the darkness, of light. When all choose to consciously emit light and love true transformation occurs and will occur on a global scale.

While you cannot control the behaviour of another you can choose your own responses to the dark ego actions of others. Do not become this negative mirror for they will succeed in their ego driven plans and you will slowly lose your own God-given integrity.

Stay in your Godliness. This means digging deep to find unconditional love for all.

Build on the ever present light and positivity, the love and prosperity for all souls. Be bold. Be the change maker you want to see, that you want your children to later mirror.

You cannot fight darkness with darkness as the very wise soul of Dr. Martin Luther King has already taught you.

Choose love. Send love. Be love in all that you do. This is the revolution that will change the world, the means by which serenity will embrace you all.

Your biggest global challenges are upon you. How will you overcome this? With weapons? You already know the answer to this: with love and compassion. If every single one of you came from love and compassion every moment the ego dark rulers could not even exist.

They can only exist when there is a mirror of darkness, ego or anger reflecting back at them. Remove this mirror and they will be no more. They too will discover their own light and fear love no longer.

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