From the Ashes we shall Ascend.

Late last year I followed a calling and led three global meditations online on Instagram titled “Calling in the Rain”. I channeled these meditations meaning I was guided by Source/God/The Divine/Universal Intelligence in what was to come through for the group. In the third meditation, however, a notable shift had occurred. For the focus was less about calling in rain and safety for animals, human kind, communities, nature and Gaia herself. Instead we all journeyed a divergent twist that was both a surprise and omnipotent all at once.

The meditators and I sat in our deep calm and were requested to envisage all of humanity across Australia with their minds wide open and their entire beings ready to receive the unconditional love and wisdom of God/Source/The Divine/Universal Intelligence. Humanity was receiving an upgrade so to speak. We already know in conscious circles that we have been upgrading and ascending at a rapid rate over the past couple of years in particular, and since 2012 Lion’s Gate opening. Back to the meditation though, it was full of light and pure love and many commented later on how incredibly powerful it was.

nature-by_Comfreak_Downloading_Light_Sin_MarianiFurthermore, during the meditation, all feet were steadily anchored into the heart of Earth so that they/we could receive the messages peacefully from Gaia. We would be able to gently understand what it is that she wants and no longer experience such harsh circumstances from what felt to be an angry mother trying to get through to her ignorant children. This same theme of open mind/open heartedness then extended to all of humanity across the globe. At the close of the meditation the group and I gleaned the insight that there would be new birth in nature, of communities and within consciousness in humanity both in Australia and internationally.

Perhaps it should not have been a surprise for me then to have channeled guidance very recently that I would not be leading anymore “calling in the rain” meditations. For it appeared that a process is underway and, in this instance, it is better to get out of the way of that which unfolds. I have seen this enough times with clients. Sometimes they ask you a question and the answer is presented swiftly and clearly. On occasion no answer or response is given from Source while I am in channel. I have learnt that these are the times that the person needs to “live” the experience without prior knowledge of what lies ahead. It requires faith on our parts and life must be lived in order for us to grow and learn. A process needs to occur.


So on this smoky Sydney morning that I had connected and queried whether to host another calling in the rain meditation, I was unexpectedly taken on quite the journey while connected to Source.

I wish to share this in the hope that it explains more to us as individuals and as a collective, whilst reminding us that we can make a difference through energetic contributions and by coming from love.

Ok, so here we go, here is an account of the channeling I downloaded. I have included my explanations or further insights as witnessed and Divinely delivered afterwards and included these in brackets.

I received a strong vision of snakes outlined, dotted and resembling Aboriginal artwork: The serpents rise up with the leader pushing forth, the other smaller ones bustling and slithering straight upwards through the Earth. The rich red soil crumbles and disintegrates. There is a collapse of what has felt like stable ground above. My “seeing’ transitioned into a kaleidoscope of geometric patterns uniting like cogs shifting into gear. The inner, the outer workings of the multiverse all shuffling distinctly as if in a ripple effect.

(I am aware that the snake traditionally is seen as a symbol of transformation – shedding skin, of fertility. I would be curious to hear from any Aboriginal readers their interpretation of this first part in comments below).

Portals into parallel dimensions open like doors all cascading into one, allowing one to time and dimensional travel swiftly through each equidistant door. Do you want to travel? “Yes”, I reply.


I travel at crazy speed for I am stopped after a mere second at “Ice Age”. Time is frozen. White forever. A pause in evolution. I am aware that other congruent and parallel timelines that were spinning out of control at the time also slow down as if discovering calm for the first time. I ask “Did you do this God?” and I am met with a laugh. No of course not. You all did. (Incarnated as other lifeforms we had called in change. Perhaps “life” was experienced in a very hectic way in terms of merely surviving).

Now you’re running around like homeless ants as your ant hills are smoked out or alight. You scurry and scatter in all directions. You disperse. You have called this in. “How?”, I ask.

Some of you desire change so greatly that you have called this in. Across the ages your call has been answered and is delivered again upon you now. Listen to the breeze  in the trees, it has the answer. The salt in the ocean tides knows. In your hearts you possess the truth.

You have feared being “doomed” for many centuries now, the masses have anticipated this. Yet why is it, oddly, that you feel free? Because in this instant you recall that you are not in control at all and you feel relieved as a result.

(Even in the face of doom, while not truly wanting this when it occurs – we know enough to know/recall that we are not in control and thus in those desperate moments we often find liberation and unexpected peace. On another note we are coming to understand the potential of collectively calling in war, peace, harmony. We are discovering the power we have as a collective to create our vast reality).

So step back humanity, look to the skies where you have always believed your Gods reside, raise your hands in surrender as you accept that you are not in control of Mother Earth. She is your trusty provider, your nurturer and your paradise.

(There is so much more that can be achieved by God, Source, Gaia herself as we learn to let go more and more, to trust in flow and actually step out of the way of flow. We can do this in our own lives knowing that this is also going to have a ripple affect across the globe. In this sense it is about how learn to live more in harmony, with less interference and then are able to adjust to the flow and align with it.)

I follow up and ask, “What would you like us to do?”

Let go I am told. Reshuffle, reconfigure, review who it is that you are. Reflect on who and how you wish to be as individuals and as a collective. The burning fires ravage the land wiping out much. Out of your discarded ashes what is it that you realise is most precious to you?

The love of each other and the protection of your brother/sister souls in animals and forests. Your homes you will replace. Some will relocate like scattered seeds sprouting forth containing new life and understanding – the acquisition of great wisdom.


(I understood this very clearly, that many would be ever more appreciative and wise and so even by their relocation they will enlighten others and/or and energetically impact them with their personal insights and experiences.)

The losses weigh your hearts down, the ever-serving reminder of that which cannot be replaced – “life”. Yes a soul can live again, but this life itself can never be replaced.

The answer is “no” to holding another meditation Sin. (A process is in place). Prayers for the hearts of others and the animals and wildlife? Yes. The download ended there.

I would like to remind you that there is much we can do to alleviate the sadness, loss, grief and pain of others through prayer. The powerful truth is we have the ability to pray for renewal of land, flora, fauna and communities.

If you have a moment to direct the focus back on yourself, perhaps it is also a time to observe the fiery anger that you may be harbouring towards your perceived injustices including political leaders, parties and their policies, towards climate change, towards human injustices, “the system”, or even anger at individual family members or others. It is not that anger is not useful, for it indicates ultimately a sadness within and this needs to be expressed. However holding on to it and fueling it is not beneficial for anyone or anything. These are the ways that we step into personal awareness to transform the world around us.

The real question is, “How are we able to bring in change without it being based on fear?”

Humanity as a mainstream collective, seems to only respond to a major fear. Climate change is a wonderful example of this. We have known for a very long time that our way of living is inharmonious with Mother Earth. Only now we have scientific data to back up our impacts and collectively we have been applying anger to the situation to acquire a shift in approach and change. We have started to live in fear of natural disaster and our children are too. When large numbers of humanity live in fear we run the risk of actually manifesting that very fear into our reality.

I believe in humanity and in our continual evolution. Remember we have a much more viable approach. We can choose to bring about the changes and awareness we have using love. Let’s come from love for we already know the law of attraction. Anger will attract more anger. Fear will attract fear. Love will attract more love. If we collectively envisage our world leaders guiding us into peace and harmony with one another and the earth we depend on, then we shift the lower frequencies and ascend as a species. It all starts with you being aware in the moment if you are acting out of love. Is the cause that you are concerned about, the issue your are facing or challenge you wish to overcome being met with you while connected to your heart centre? For when it is you will see very different outcomes manifest in your personal world, and collectively we will witness harmony across the globe.


If everyone in the world sent Donald Trump love, for example, he would rediscover the love that he “is” and appears to have moved away from.

In cosmic numerology Trump is a “6” which is ruled daily by the planet of love, “Venus”. Even knowing this can give hope if we focus on it. Ultimately if everyone single one of us, even the vast majority, envisaged Donald Trump returning to the love that he arrived here as a newborn, energetically we create an opening for him to do just this, to be love and make decisions from the heart. If we keep sending anger, hatred and outrage then we will continue to witness this in him and his actions. Never underestimate the power that we have as a collective. Let’s use this information wisely.

A fresh start is impending. A new decade has arrived. How will you contribute and send the most open-hearted and loving energy you can to Australia, it’s people, all of humanity and to the world? What other positive contributions can you make including volunteering, making donations, attending fundraisers and even sharing kind words of support to others? Beyond the fires will you choose to act with awareness with your heart wide open and come from love?)

It seems ever so appropriate to finish on the channeled wisdom of Esther (and Abraham and Jerry) Hicks:

You cannot control circumstances. You never intended to control circumstances. You intended to discover unconditional love. You intended to discover a way to feel good, no matter what, because you have the facility: you have the power: you have the ability to focus.

Love, light and peace to Earth Mother and all beings and life on this beautiful planet we get to call home, Sin.

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4 thoughts on “From the Ashes we shall Ascend.

  1. This is a most brilliant & truth filled download for humanity and how we can learn to create more love by honestly taking stock on how we have gotten ourselves into a place of fiery anger fear & planetary destruction of one another & call to on our innate powers of love & compassion that we need to implement moving forward to save ourselves from ourselves & heal from it ALL! .thank you Sin.


  2. Truly a profound download indeed Sin, One that needs to radiate out to all habitants of this planet. As this is truly the only way that humanity will be able to heal, by first looking at themselves and their inner world, make the necessary adjustments and then move on from that point m, leading to ascension for humanity and Gaia. Humanity finds itself truly in fascinating times. Thank you for this download Sin!

    Much love & peace to you!


    1. I couldn’t agree more Damien, it starts with us as individuals. Personally I feel privileged to live in an era of such profound transformation, it is exciting indeed! Much love and light to you always Damien 💛🌟


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