The Light Within You.

The Light Within You.

When we let go of our thinking and allow ourselves to go even deeper, as is the case when meditating, we often emerge feeling energised. Our reconnection can feel like light is re-entering our body and, as a consequence, we experience the sensation of feeling lighter in our physical bodies.

In the allowing of the light into one’s being, you can transcend the limitations of physical form. While in session with clients, I experience this as a channel, and at times, so do they. We are reminded that the physical is only one realm of reality.

Your core is made up of light. This luminescent energy, also referred to as soul or spirit, is pure vibrating love. It is within you at all times.

It does not decrease in amount if one is to experience sadness or depression. Similarly it does not increase when one is full of optimism and excitement. The reason that others perceive you are glowing is because you do not restrict this inner light from being visible.

It is more accurate to say that this light is no longer hidden deep within and so it dances to the surface of the physical form, able to be recognised once more. It is your “aliveness” in the moment that releases the light into cognizance.

What is important to note, is that the level or intensity, or even amount of light, does not in fact change. The quality of this light, so to speak, can never be diminished by a challenging life experience.

You may endeavour to keep it under wraps, or not want others to notice it, but you cannot affect the amount of light that your soul is comprised of.

In this sense you do not have control. It is your birthright and is as essential to you as your breathing.

The light within does not lessen or increase because you will it too either. It always exists. It is what renders you “alive” or “living”. It is the same force or energy that animates your human physical form – the body (or bodysuit as I like to call it). At death, the energy leaves the physical form entirely.

Some have reported that as they felt life slipping away that they encountered an unusual dimming of light, a sensation of sliding into gradual darkness.

This is the physical experience of the mind and senses witnessing the light leaving. Where does this light go? It returns to the limitless collective light.

Understand the magnificent, omnipotent beautiful light that you all consist of as it truly is. It is always there, always vibing away at your fingertips any time you choose to allow it to animate your being. Shine regardless as this is your innate magic. You simply need to allow this to be through truly “living”.

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Calling all Healers, Energy Workers & Light Practitioners.

Calling all Healers, Energy Workers & Light Practitioners.

Crystals carry energetic properties to support healing, allow flow, provide clarity, stimulate creativity and various other purposes. Charged within the soil directly by the earth’s core, they await the time to deliver their purpose more noticeably in the outside world. 

It is not that they do not already exist in possession of these energetic properties. It is their eventual discovery by humans that brings their magic to light. By this, I mean the light of day. For their magic has always existed, under the earth’s top surface, humming away and aligning energies. This is what they know to do, to carry and transform energies.

Now it is time for many of you, the healers, the energy workers, the light practitioners to climb from the undergrowth, feel the sun on your face and bare your gifts. You know you have always had them.

On some level, to some degree, you have known that you have a gift, or a kind of purpose, less tangible than other purposes, to share. And you do.

You no longer need to fear what others think, doubt yourself or hold back. It is your time to shine and conduct more light so as to energetically connect with others and raise the vibrations.

Humanity is ready to evolve to the next level. With so many of you awake and so many more of you awakening, you are creating shifts and dynamics to shape the next phase of your humanity. It is beautiful, it is wonderful, love is on the rise.

Keep doing what you do. Discard any expectation of perfection. Healing, facilitating, sharing and shifting energies does not require any standard to be met.

Always come from the purest of intentions, the highest love and allow flow to pervade all that you do.

Come forth, be brave and let your own crystal light flood your surrounds. It does not matter whether others can describe this or comprehend why. It is enough that they feel you, that they experience your soul’s divinity. You are the mirror and your light soul is enough to transform many without you pushing or demanding.

All that is needed is your soulful divine presence. Share this, do not hide away. Much light and love is being exchanged from spirit world to your world. Conduct this energetic connection as if you were joining the dots. Gently, patiently, until your world is lit up like the night sky full of stars.

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The Revolution That Will Change The World.

The Revolution That Will Change The World.

You are all divine. You are all God’s children. Even those you perceive as evil and the enemy are made of light. They may cloak this in ego darkness and behave always and only from the mind. 

This is their path and their lesson in this lifetime.

They are not less, they are not more than anyone of you. Do not send them hatred. Send them love and light.

It is in the ultimate place of pure love that the magic can occur, that energy can be transformed and intention aligned once more to the divine principles which govern all worlds.

Do not send more darkness out into the world for this will continue to be mirrored back to you. When Jesus was despised and scorned he did not emit anything but love and light.

In the love and light that you emit here today you send a mirror, to those living in the darkness, of light. When all choose to consciously emit light and love true transformation occurs and will occur on a global scale.

While you cannot control the behaviour of another you can choose your own responses to the dark ego actions of others. Do not become this negative mirror for they will succeed in their ego driven plans and you will slowly lose your own God-given integrity.

Stay in your Godliness. This means digging deep to find unconditional love for all.

Build on the ever present light and positivity, the love and prosperity for all souls. Be bold. Be the change maker you want to see, that you want your children to later mirror.

You cannot fight darkness with darkness as the very wise soul of Dr. Martin Luther King has already taught you.

Choose love. Send love. Be love in all that you do. This is the revolution that will change the world, the means by which serenity will embrace you all.

Your biggest global challenges are upon you. How will you overcome this? With weapons? You already know the answer to this: with love and compassion. If every single one of you came from love and compassion every moment the ego dark rulers could not even exist.

They can only exist when there is a mirror of darkness, ego or anger reflecting back at them. Remove this mirror and they will be no more. They too will discover their own light and fear love no longer.

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Becoming More Conscious.

Becoming More Conscious.

Cycles. Flow. Tides. The sea level rises and the oceans become full bodied. Expansive. Feminine energy. The level drops again. Less. Still her beauty pervades. With the lower tide one can observe the rocks and discover its shy inhabitants.

This movement, this flow, provides much to many. For there are many sea creatures who benefit with the changing tides. It enables their food supply to be plentiful and their lives to continue longer.

The oceanic tidal rhythms can be applied to your souls. In with the coming tide, ever expanding, swelling even as you take in new knowledge and increase your own awareness. Your consciousness becomes fuller, more ripe. Then out again, like a deep sigh, as you let go of all this new found knowledge and simply be.

Your soul’s underbelly may lie more exposed in the sun. This is part of the flow. You stay still, present and soak up all that you can. And you can because there is more room for you to do so.

Becoming more conscious is like this. It is not a race to fill yourself up. Your soul will absorb all that it can in the moments spent tending to this. In the moments spent tending to the moments. You will feel yourself inhabit your physical being with more presence. There is a solidity, a kind of certainty all the while a pervading feeling of lightness washes over you.

Your mind is at rest. Your thoughts have stopped (or at least…paused). Your full attention is fixed on your experience of this exact moment. That calm feeling you love has returned once more and all of a sudden you have no worries and no concerns for you remember that life is beautiful.

Your senses will feel heightened, the background noises crisp, the scents around you noticeable, the touch of the wind gentle and loving. This state of bliss is consciousness.

No tricks. No courses. No fees. No test. Simply a relaxed and open state within yourself that has committed to being completely true to the moment.

You know how this feels. You have been here before even if it has been a while since. The next step is to be present more often. Not only will you help yourself, you will help the world.

Peaceful people do not go to war. Peaceful people choose more love.

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The Utopian Visions Are Real.

The Utopian Visions Are Real.

Sparkling jewels in the earth, you may not see them but this does not mean that they don’t exist. Dreams and visions in your mind’s eye, others may not see them but this does not mean that they are not real. Prophecies are shared and utopian possibilities planted.

For deep down you feel that the tide is turning, that waters will cleanse. This is not apocalyptic floods or destruction. This is the cleansing of minds and souls on a large scale – refreshing and invigorating.

There are many of you like worker ants beneath the earth’s surface toiling away. Creating alternative routes for thoughts to travel, raising future worker ants with their hearts set on a vision of you all coming together, looking after each other.

Have you noticed those around you who talk of living communally? This is a return to the tribal ways of living and learning together, raising the young and supporting the old. The ego systems that have developed may appear clever in ways and in some respects they are. Yet your souls crave something so much more. Connection. Integration. Harmony. Sharing.

The planks are starting to be placed across the bridge that take humankind to the other side of consciousness. There are more and more of you who crave realness and depth of connection. More and more of you who desire equality and honesty. More and more of you who want the best for all tribes regardless of race and religion.

You will walk across this bridge with your families, your children, friends and your tribes. You will not sever the bridge to those who remain on the other side. Why? You know in your hearts that all are growing and learning. Make no mistake, others are awakening or will. Perhaps not in your time frame but in theirs.

Compassion is the key. For whenever you act out of compassion you will cast judgement aside. Patience will replace frustration. Hope will replace fear. Love will replace anger.

Focus your attention on how you desire the one earth tribe to be. Keep your gaze on this harmonious vision of enlightened souls collectively growing and you will see the magic happen. Do this for your children, your spouses, your neighbours, your friends, everyone. Expand your compassion and embrace the change.

Remember humans cannot stop change. Your history and evolution is evidence of this. The Renaissance was manifested by many who believed in the light.

Hold your heads high, open your hearts and smile. Smile because you know that the utopian visions are real. Smile because each time you do, you are one step closer to manifesting change on a global scale.

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You Are Your Own Universe.

You Are Your Own Universe.

Unlimited light. Weightlessness. Space. Timelessness. This is the outer universe, a mirror of your inner being. Some of you may be familiar with the concept that your make-up resembles that of stars. Particles, atoms, buzzing bits of vibration, magnetic forces at play, holding you together and attracting more of what you think and perceive.

Envision yourself as this light being. This being full of light. There is a reason for the expression of godliness within. You are all energetic beings, made of the stuff of the cosmos, containing divine wisdom and truth. You gravitate to one another. Orbiting each others lives you may momentarily eclipse each other and at other times bathe in each others’ rays.

When you can see that the outer space is timeless and expansive and know that this is yet another mirror of your own soul’s timelessness and expansiveness, you can breathe a deep sigh of relief. The constructs and illusions that we build around ourselves using our minds/thoughts and egos are imaginary. Our energy, our vibration, our souls are limitless and ongoing.

We need not fear death for there is no final ending or due date on the horizon. The soul does not stop, end or cease to exist.

When we come to understand this we no longer cling to the fear of death or the finality that is thought imposed. There will be a death of the ego, even the personality in some regard, but not the essence, not our soul. This is the biggest challenge of the ego for it clings to our human form and insists that this tangibility is the ultimate truth. Deep in your hearts most of you already know this is not the case and others are certainly suspicious of the notion that this mortal life is all there is.

Be suspicious. It is good for you. Read books, ask questions, research. Better still go inside yourself, not your mind, but tap into your soul and ask it the deep questions.

Let go fully of any previous indoctrinations or intellectual theories and tap in instead. Do this regularly and allow for your soul to speak to you through dreams, visions and other signs.

You may find yourself overhearing or being directly involved in conversations with others about the truth of your soul’s existence. You may “accidentally” come across books, articles or websites that share broader views. The amount of people who have experienced death and been brought back to life and recount the same experience of weightlessness, feeling only love and surrounded by so much light may trigger a more awakened state. You will know this for you will sense on a deep level a completely different experience of calmness and acceptance. You will realise you have nothing to fear anymore. These illusory binds will be lifted and life will be that much more wonderous.

The key here is expansiveness. When the mind is free of constant thinking and allowed respite to simply be, many doors will open. Meditation is a beautiful gift that every human soul can enjoy and benefit from.

What you are looking for is within. All your answers lie within.

You probably know this already. How many times has your intuition (voice of your soul), told you the answer even if you ignored it? How many times have some of you had a reading from a psychic, or a channel or even read your own tarot cards only to receive answers that you already knew – deep inside?

You are your own universe. Breathe in your timelessness and your unlimited space. Allow yourself to just float in the present moment and trust your inner divine guidance. Let your soul soak up all of the magnificence around you and may all your beautiful galaxies shine brightly.

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The Art Of Introspection.

The Art Of Introspection.

The earth is round like all things cyclic. It spins and moves. It rotates on its axis facing the sun, facing the moon. Human introspection is similar to this orbit. You spin around sun on your face, moonlight on the top of your head. Light and dark. Knowing and unknowing. Going and stopping. Growing and reflecting.

When you next stop, steady yourself and go within. What is it you see? Do you recall the happiness in moments lived during the day? Do you hold on to the argument that you had this morning with your partner or child? Do you shift your gaze high so that you can quickly survey the day’s events, get a sense of the beauty and the lessons then sigh and let it all go? No? Then try this.

Lie flat down on your bed at night and scan your body energetically. Imagine it being like a medical procedure where a healing light will pass from feet to head and then back down to feet. This process works better if you do it slowly. Now as you scan should you sense any pain, discomfort or emotion that feels in any way constrictive, allow the light and breath to enter this area.

If your tummy feel tied up in knots, breathe white and rose gold light into your stomach and allow it to unfold.

If your thoughts get busy, simply go back to your breath and feel this soften your tummy.

If your heart feels sore or tender, breathe in white and rose gold light until it is shiny and brave once more. You will start to smile as you do this – a sign that it’s working. If you need to laugh at the folly of a situation, laugh it all out. Giggle at how big you made something that really wasn’t significant.

If your mind is racing with fear and uncertainty breathe again white and rose gold light into this space. If your thoughts persist in demanding your attention, feel the gentle breath as it enters your nose and leaves your mouth. A subtle beauty of the senses will pervade.

You can always wrap those thoughts up in a big red and white check picnic blanket and hand them over to the Universe to look after so you can continue to enjoy the present.

How are you feeling? Better? That’s wonderful.

As you walk your individual soul’s path remember to be kind to yourself and others. Kind with yourself as you embrace new ways and discover more about yourself.

For it is no good to anyone when we judge ourselves and demand more. Observe the lessons as they cross your path, acknowledge the mental note to self about how you want to respond or behave the next time the challenge arrives. Give yourself a big hug for your willingness and patience.

Be your own best friend, your own doting parent, your own loving partner. How wonderful life will feel to you.

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