Retreats into Nature.

Mountains of fresh air. Streams of possibility. Rays of illuminating thoughts, ideas and concepts. Retreats into nature remind us instinctively to tap into our souls on a deeper level.

Minus the distraction of the every day we find our feet sprouting roots into the depths of rich mineral soils.

As these minerals travel up our legs and bodies, regenerating our hearts and cells, we too discover that our minds are fertile once more. We are open playing fields with room to encounter concepts and imaginings that were not formerly in our peripheral thought visions.

Touch these furthermost dreams and taste what they have to offer. Does your soul feel lighter? Your life sunnier? One can forget that all of this is always available when caught up in the busy activities associated with life.

Stop in the moment. Let go of it all and just breathe the mountain air. For nature holds the key to so many abundant gifts. Like small creatures curiously revealing themselves at dawn, your imaginings and dreams will gently beckon your notice.

Once they have your attention you will experience a sense of wonder in the magic of possibility.

Now the trick is to stay in focus once you return to the daily life you have thus far created. Reach out and touch those soft furry dreams, the way that you desire to pat the small mammals at dawn and dusk. Only these creatures are living with you always, for they are your dreams and visions of future possibilities. Breathe in and sense them now. It will not be long before they become the present for you.

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