Why Economic Debt?

The visions we have are other realities. Imagination yes and yet also at times tapping into utopian possibilities and existences. They are reminders of all that is honest and true and beautiful in the world, of how things can be.

What you see, the constructs, the systems, the values of your governors, their rules, aims and objectives are all delusions. Delusions by those, who at times truly believe, they know best. Yet they are limitations and man-made barriers that do not actually exist.

It is like a small child building a massive construction out of plastic blocks then declaring to all “I am the best. I won. My building is the bigger than yours.” It is only made out of plastic blocks.

Economy is not unlike this. It is man-made, man-limited, and yet it has it’s impacts.

Economy in these terms is the unjust or unfair distribution of energetic reward.

This notion of who gets what in return is based on the “bigger kids at school” and the little ones don’t know what to do or how to change this. Change will always be upon you however. And radical changes always receive a radical response. Be patient. It takes time and growth in awareness with new ideas before a human-constructed system is replaced.

It is not unlike former centuries where drastic changes later followed. It is easy for you all to comment now, here today, how archaic their systems were, how ridiculous their politics and prejudices. Yet you all sit in the same seat right here right now. Future generations will look back at the 2000’s and scoff at the complete inequality and blatant focus on economy alone, over environment, over human rights, over justice.

Constructs – delusions of others. How will you live? What changes will you make? What seeds will you sow? It is difficult for many humans to rise to be the best version of their individual self when distracted by such quick feel goods like power, winning, authority, glory, money and control. This is all a contracted version of any human in that moment.

Money? What is money? Money is a transfer of energy – simple as that. So how is it that all of these nations have gotten themselves into energetic debt? How could this even occur? Because you have opinions and judgements on energy and on what one energetic contribution is worth over another.

It will never be a fair system nor shall you ever be able to evade debt. This national debt is always going to exist because you created it. You believe in it. You live by it and are ruled by it.

You have used these prejudices on energy exchange to make sure some of you are more powerful, even more important than other humans to the point you are now losing yourselves to this fearful national economic debt concept.

When you focus on what you fear it will only ever increase. Yet if you focus on all that you have and better systems of utilising all of the potential, the so called-debt would not even exist.

It is a concept that many will not be ready to fathom, they will not want to embrace or try to implement it. Time will manage this though. Time shifts all the time. It will see humans fear less, love more and work better together. Each time someone sets themselves up to be better or more important than another the truth of your life is lost, momentarily or indefinitely.

Be wise, be true. Share this. Some will not understand and may ridicule but a seed is there to be planted.

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12 thoughts on “Why Economic Debt?

  1. Amazing article and insights. This whole notion that we exist in an unreal world that has no inherent meaning, other than what has been man-made is fascinating, and something more and more of us are awakening too. I loved reading your messages x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sally, always wonderful to hear that others are aware. There is so much more and it’s not beneath the surface anymore as your comment demonstrates. Xx


  2. Hey Sinny, wow fantastic read. It makes incredible sense how we created this crazy illusion of our own limitations. This article reminds me that we need to look beyond our perception of what we see that cause us to react from ego & simply feel breath & surrender & become aware. Thanks sinny x


    1. Thanks Annie. It’s true the more we breathe and be aware of when our ego is taking over, observe this and let go we will act with more integrity. Let’s hope more leaders discover this.


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