Now Is The Time To Shine Brighter.

Behold the magic like you never have before. Open your eyes, arms and hearts to all of the light that surrounds you and is you. Allow it to fill your aura, your being, your very core.

Inhale this light that is known also as divine unconditional love. Exhale all gripping, fear and tension. Know that the light will transmute all unwanted negative energy back to glittery gold dust.

It is more pertinent than ever to stay in your light, your faith and stand beside your beliefs.

You light up the particular space that you occupy in the world, and even further if you choose. So when each of us are alight (connected to our Divinity) the light connects us like dots across the globe. We bring healing, positive intention and new improved opportunities for reality as we know it. Perhaps you forgot this with the inundation of press reports that operate at a lower frequency and focus on drama, fear and negativity, hoping to hook us in emotionally.

Right now it is more important that those that enter your light-filled energetic realm come into contact with this purity, unconditional love and kindness. Your flowing of such beautiful energy can be the very reminder that another requested from the Universe, the sign that they were seeking even, to come from the heart and soul with love as their guide. There are others whom you may spark a new self discovery of how to “be” in this world. This is not all airy fairy stuff that I speak of. It is your commitment and awareness of choosing to live in the light that is ultimately a trigger for others. You can role model a more advanced way to be in this lifetime for another.

Remember the darker events seen on the world stage are an indicator that its beneficial to shine brighter for each other and continue to bring in awareness.

It is the awakening of the masses, which is already underway, that will bring about the evolutionary shifts on Earth.

Be a part of this simply by choosing to stay in tune with your loving essential self. No converting, forcing or expectation of others is required. Be the mirror of something undeniably omniscient.

If needed, take reassurance from others who have graced Earth to plant and sow seeds before our time, so that we could continue to nurture and nourish them in the now. During Jesus’ life on Earth it may be perceived that humanity was not ready to grow and learn to love unconditionally. Yet his gentle guidance touched many and the impact of this precious light worker continues as his guidance permeates the lives of many even today.

Know that you are the being that has sprouted from the seeds of God energy itself. See this as a positive reassurance and know that thousands awaken daily. We are actually on course as a species to evolve.

Rise up to the sun, the light, and share your pure love in ways that feel natural to you – by being, in song, writing, story telling, art, public speaking and daily conversation. This high vibration is contagious and multiplies. Let’s envision, discuss and transform the 3D world to a higher state. It is possible. Anything is possible when we co-create and remember that we have this ability.

Give yourself permission to dream big and choose to focus your energy and attention on the desired global reality of peace, opportunity, connection, well-being and unconditional love for all and nature.

This is how you can be the change you want to see in the world. This current situation of challenge and contrast is ripe for epic transformation and your input is ever so valuable. Shine on with authenticity and let’s light up this world together.

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