Balance – The Wisdom Of Tribes

There are Indigenous people far and wide, in other lands, in other dimensions. They interpret signs in the sky, on the desert floor and read the stars for guidance. Their ways are mathematical, yet more instinctual than intellectual.

It is an inner knowing that they can look up at constellations and recognise patterns and stories. They will sit in circles and share these stories and messages with their tribes, their people. The wisdom is accessed by, and shared with, all. There is no persuasion used. They all believe for deep within their souls they sense the truth of this greater wisdom.

It was their ability to stay in tune with the Great and with nature that enabled them to survive for so many centuries so well. Balance. It is all about balance.

I receive with my left hand and then pass on with my right. I circulate what I have and share it with others. The concept of harbouring more never occurred to them. For their was nothing to be gained in doing this. The ego, in this form, did not exist and so for natural order and the family and tribe, equality was always preserved.

When you face dark skies pressing in activate that giving with the right hand. One, you will feel lighter. Two, you will feel the circulation of giving tingle your left hand… as you become the receiver.

Balance the flow of give and take in your life. On a Universal scale this would lead to much transformation on a physical, emotional and spiritual level for many.

The state of affairs in the world would indicate that you are collectively out of balance. Become one tribe – you have all met up now. Become one tribe and circulate the resources so that you all achieve balance together.

How beautiful it would be to see this circulation in action from each and everyone of you. Magnificence actualised. Abundant smiles and open hearts all round. Yes, the true beauty of humanity completely unveiled.

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4 thoughts on “Balance – The Wisdom Of Tribes

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