Contact From Afar.

There are worlds outside of worlds thought far beyond reach. At times some from these worlds, including their wise elders, may reach out and contact some of you to relay messages of guidance and wisdom.

They are aware of your planet’s circumstances and may have even endured similar phases before evolving themselves, and so from very good and honest intentions they will connect with certain channels to offer you support through guidance and mentoring.

One does not need to fear them. You can always check in with Source to discern their true intentions and so choose whether to channel their messages or not. You refer to them en masse as “aliens” and for many of you they are such for you do not know who these others are. In fact you know very little at all.

Some of you choose to refer to them as “Star Beings” for they live on other planets or stars far away from your galaxy.

Your indigenous people across the planet Earth have known of them for much longer than “civilized” humanity has. They have had their amicable interactions with them on many occasions and were open and welcoming of their visits.

Star Beings will visit again for they wish to connect with humans. They will come bearing gifts of science and technology and share new flora and fauna once more. Their desire is to be brothers and sisters, not to invade or destroy Earth as science fiction films predict.

For channels who are being contacted by Star Beings, know that you can be open to this communication minus the fear. Again, check in first to ensure the integrity of the being channeling and once satisfied that they are of pure intention listen to the guidance.

These Star Beings are not unlike very, very, very old wise elders who know much, in many circumstances, more than humanity has yet learned or discovered. Their information is beneficial and often timely.

You are all guided by the Divine, the Universal Source of Unconditional Love and Intelligence, you and the Star Beings. Connection is important to you all regardless of where you were born in the expansive Universe. Although light years apart you are still able to connect.

Channels be open to the magic and the possibilities on the horizon.

2 thoughts on “Contact From Afar.

  1. Womderful message filled with lot’s of love and gentleness. This message truly warms the heart, and i look forward in meeting these wonderful sentient beings in person. Love & Light Sin! =) ❤

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