War Won’t Always Exist.

Humanity walks a gentle path alongside the sea shore. The waves tenderly lapping at collective feet and refreshing the sensors at the tips of many toes. Into the distance multiple eyes view the future and place stones of best intentions into the sea to be carried away slowly like seeds that will later germinate. You let go of the stones, trust in the tides and know that your new vision will spring forth on the destined shores. 

Right now on foreign shores realities are challenged with fear and violence. Security seems a privilege of the past. The days are filled with gun fire and hunger and the nights with sorrow and the desire for escape. Many have forgotten that these people are your brothers and your sisters, their children your kin.

In this forgetting some are capable of actions of anger and violence. They will exist in their ego and do what it takes to win. 

And yet there can be no winner when power is taken from another. 

Whilst ever someone loses there can be no victory for you are, dear humans, brothers and sisters. 

These wars you wage, the injustices you serve, the violent crimes you commit in the name of a symbol, a flag, a leader, are always viewed by future generations as barbaric and unnecessary. For you continue to evolve as does your understanding of history. Your compassion continues to collectively develop and there will be a time when war will no longer exist. 

Humanity, on a global scale, will no longer desire to live the same mistake repeatedly. 

More and more of you in this lifetime continue to disagree with war, despise it even. Your media sends you images and stories to justify these happenings and still inside your tummies and your souls, even your hearts, you do not want this. You feel powerless as you witness your governments, your armies and forces force their power on to others. 

What if you were all to turn your backs on war, if you stood tall together and deliberately faced the other way, away from the war stories in the papers or on the news? What if you refused to read online updates or share them or comment on them? 

What if you all looked the other way, over the horizon of the sea and put your attention on how the world and humanity could live harmoniously and peacefully? 

What if you focused on this, felt it to be true and desired this? Believed in it? 

There is your answer. There is your life-altering answer.

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