Choose The Now.

The sensation of emotion is a varied tool. From it’s simplest purpose of allowing you to feel happiness, contentment, excitement and love to being an indicator of where your mind is currently at.

Emotions can be your guide. They can be your way of knowing what you are thinking in this very moment.

Do you feel at peace? Yes? This is wonderful.

Do you feel uneasy? Are you worried, stressed or feeling low? This too is wonderful. For these emotions are guiding you to know that “mind” or thinking has taken over. Rather than being in the present moment it is likely that you are thinking of the past that you cannot change, or ahead into a future that you cannot control.

If this resonates with you while reading this, know that you can tweak your emotions by choosing your thoughts, or even choosing to let them go. If in this instant you come back to your now, you will start to feel calmer, more tranquil.

Come back to the now and sit with me in this. Look around. What do you see? Disregard feelings for a moment and simply observe. What you see is in your present. What you smell or taste is in your present. When we do this the mind stops projecting thoughts or analysis on potential future situations. Instead your attention (and you) reside in the now. You are in the present moment. Experience this a moment longer.

It feels good doesn’t it? It’s nice to have the space for the soul, mind and heart to be at peace, for the emotions to give you a sense of joy in this tranquility. This is called consciousness.

When your mind, attention and being are focused on the moment you are conscious. You will notice that your interactions with others are further enriched. You detect the subtle beauty of your relationships and experience the magic of your life in an expanded way.

Apply this to your work. Be in the moment, attend to your projects, tasks and meetings with attention on the now. The results are always improved.

Know that you are required to undertake the task and that you have the choice to do this in a focused and more relaxed way.

It is simply your outlook and perception that ultimately counts. For the deadline is a deadline. A due date. How you arrive at this – in a focused calm way in the moment, or a projected stressful way focused on the future with fear or dread, is your choice. Your approach does not change the existence of the deadline.

Your conscious attention on the task will transform the experience into one of enjoyment and satisfaction. Do not be surprised if the quality of the outcome is also enhanced.

Check in with yourself. While at work, or at home, or at the gym or even out at dinner. Check in with your emotions. If they feel positive and agreeable to you, continue in your joyful moments. On the contrary, if they are bringing you down, restricting your happiness or tying you up in knots, start tweaking. For with the focus on the now, your wellbeing and countenance will improve.

After all if your thoughts are on the past, this has already happened and no amount of thinking will change what has occurred. And if you continuously think of the future, this too is in the future. It hasn’t happened yet and you cannot control this either.

This is why we choose the now. This is the moment you can affect with your choice to be in the present. Enjoy this and allow many more wonderful moments (or nows) to flow to you.

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