What It Means “To Be”.

In essence to be, is to exist in this dominant time/space continuum that you have elected to live from. It is to experience your now for you have your own unique perspective on this.

While two like minded souls may sit together and observe the same sunset, each would report it differently if asked to.

One may recall distinctly the colours and tones as they faded away. Perhaps they could smell a slight tinge of salt and the scent of ocean creatures in the air. They thought not much at all and mostly observed.

The other may have watched the same sunset and revelled in the fact that they were free right then and there. No work to do, no dinner to prepare, just time out to relax. Their mind wandered back to a similar sunset a decade ago shared with their beloved before they had children, while traveling. Warm memories continued to flow whilst they enjoyed the setting sun. And of course, a third person would report again another experience altogether.

So when you ask what it means to be, know that this merely means you are in the moment. You allow yourself to be you. You flow what comes to you and through you while knowing deep within, that this is all that is ever needed.

Each of you are a divine spark encountering your individual experience of your current life.

We each live our moments uniquely and this contributes to something far greater. While we know that this serves the soul well, more of us beginning to glean that our experience is also a part of a grand understanding of the highest order.

No one can be you, can “be”, as you would be.

So be easy on yourselves. Let go of any picky thoughts or judgements and love yourself as the Divine loves you, completely.

This will always help you “to be”.

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