Nature’s Unique Personalities.

One blade of grass reaching towards the sun. It allows the rays to slide down its centre and fill its insides with nutritious light. Trusting in the process with deep knowledge that it will be nurtured. 

It is one of many blades of grass, side by side soaking up the sun. While no more important than another blade it has its own significance. Its very own unique personality beyond humans’ imaginational reach.

Let’s talk nature. All of the individual creatures of nature, flora and fauna, have their own personality. Language is not needed for self expression. Not the language that is audible to human ears or senses. Yet if you truly step outside of yourselves, your mental limitations and preconceived notions, can you not honestly say that you have on occasion sensed the personality of a garden lizard or a grasshopper?

Many of you have animals and birds as pets. From this experience you are also aware that no two dogs have the same personality. How do you prove this to each other?

Dogs do not talk your language to you (though they understand more than you might guess). You know this to be true. You have observed enough to comprehend that one pet is very different to another. When you look into their eyes and you can read what is going on, some of you know that there is truth to this. Others second guess themselves and, out of default beliefs, stall on thinking about this any further.

So now let’s take this application of understanding to another level. Ants. Would ants not have their own personalities too? Yes they are much smaller than dogs, but fauna nonetheless.

Let’s dig down a step further. If ants have personalities, would not other living things like plants have personalities? Do you think they just sit there oblivious to all that is going on around them? Definitely not. Again they may not have eyes and ears, they may not speak your language, but they vibrate.

In fact everything is made up of vibration. Quantum physics is speaking to many of so much more to what is – than what is seen and heard by human faculties.

Taking this into account, perhaps one day you will be able to measure the vibrational change in plants to believe this.

In the meantime, digest what feels comfortable for this is not a science lesson. It is me wanting to share more of the magic with you.

If you feel comfortable to try this, when you’re freshly awake the next morning, walk past a plant or tree, drop your guard and ask yourself what it is that you feel from this plant? You may get a sign, you may see an image or you might find yourself smiling.

Magic. It is everywhere when we stop our thinking and just be.

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