The World Is Shifting.

The World Is Shifting.

The world is shifting. You continue to observe evidence of this all of the time. You view new initiatives that support communities to grow stronger or that aim to reduce waste, the emergence of more and more ethical clothing companies who believe everyone in the world deserves to earn a fair wage, large successful protests by citizens to protect their environments.

Even most large corporations now have corporate social responsibility programs because many are no longer happy to simply make a company rich, we want to know that in some way we are making a difference.

Compare these few examples with how people were living even 100 years ago and you clearly see that humanity is evolving.

Yes, there are those that hold onto archaic ways and this most often stems from their approach to life whilst coming from an imbalanced ego. Let us not judge, rather send them love and light on their journey with the positive intention that they too may grow and learn in this lifetime.

One of the reasons you notice that the world is shifting is because this is a reflection of your own expansion. You believe in this beautiful gift of human evolution and so you seek out the evidence to support this. You are co-creating your reality.

Because you want the world, or more accurately humanity, to be kinder, more inclusive, more unconditionally loving and caring of one another you behave like this. You model loving acceptance and compassion towards all others around you including your family and child/children and so you are sculpting your world.

You and many others are consciously choosing this reality and so it exists and continues to reach more and flourish. This is manifestation at its most precious: when the human collective deliberately chooses to desire and be the loving way that they want all to experience.

Make no mistake, more and more of you are arriving at this beautiful awareness and selecting the options full of love and higher frequencies.

Continue to come from your deep love of one another, for Mother Earth and her exquisite inhabitants. You are leading the way. Your peace and calm is inspiring others to question themselves and their realities.

Your open hearts allow love to pour through and affect so many both in your surrounds and energetically across the globe.

Cultivate the utopian visions and share them with others. Remember collectively you can overcome any mental or practical obstructions for you are creative, clever and you are each Divine. Create the world that you want your children to live in, as well as yourselves.

This starts with wonderful you. How perfect? Each day you can step forth into the world knowing that you’re making a significant contribution simply by coming from love and compassion.

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Magic is the Daily Reality.

Magic is the Daily Reality.

The shadows of footprints left behind many moons ago are still there energetically. Those who walked with wisdom and tradition across the bare earth set forth with intention. They carried purpose in their souls and dreams in their hearts. They looked into the distance, tall and proud, aware of all of the beautiful possibilities they would live during this lifetime, knowing their children would too experience lush treasures. They were wanderers of the land, roaming freely and lightly. For what use is luggage or baggage to one whose spirit is so free?

You forefathers, your foremothers and ancestors had attained much in the understanding of the ways of nature and the pathways of the human soul. Their hearts open, they bestowed an eagerness to guide their children gently and with the intention to pass on the great knowledge that they had lived and also received from their elders.

The magic is this: when they saw a shooting star they knew it would signal the birth, of what was later to be, a wise and respected elder.

One who would arrive in this lifetime with extra knowledge from the Spirits. They might know what concoction to create to cure that snake bite that had eluded others thus far. They might come bearing stories of the stars, never told before, to prepare their people for the changes ahead or the natural disasters that would later occur.

They knew that magic, is of course, everywhere.

They could sense the souls of trees, communicate with the animal spirits and so live in harmony, without fear of extinction, in nature eternally. There was no reason to fear anything at all. For in reading the signs and being connected, they would know when to move on, when to hunt, when to swim or not swim in a water hole.

Humanity has been gifted with the ability to connect with nature on a soul level. To connect with it in a way that language is not needed and still the deep understanding emanates to one’s core.

Your buildings are bold and magnificent. Don’t let them block your view of this innate ability to connect completely with nature. This interconnectedness runs through your veins, your own inner starscape.

Breathe in the air, breathe in nature herself, the trees, the flowers, the salty breeze. Allow yourself to be at one with the eternal elements and sense the magic that your ancestors lived daily.

Reach out, touch the stars and allow this to also be your daily reality.

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Retreats into Nature.

Retreats into Nature.

Mountains of fresh air. Streams of possibility. Rays of illuminating thoughts, ideas and concepts. Retreats into nature remind us instinctively to tap into our souls on a deeper level.

Minus the distraction of the every day we find our feet sprouting roots into the depths of rich mineral soils.

As these minerals travel up our legs and bodies, regenerating our hearts and cells, we too discover that our minds are fertile once more. We are open playing fields with room to encounter concepts and imaginings that were not formerly in our peripheral thought visions.

Touch these furthermost dreams and taste what they have to offer. Does your soul feel lighter? Your life sunnier? One can forget that all of this is always available when caught up in the busy activities associated with life.

Stop in the moment. Let go of it all and just breathe the mountain air. For nature holds the key to so many abundant gifts. Like small creatures curiously revealing themselves at dawn, your imaginings and dreams will gently beckon your notice.

Once they have your attention you will experience a sense of wonder in the magic of possibility.

Now the trick is to stay in focus once you return to the daily life you have thus far created. Reach out and touch those soft furry dreams, the way that you desire to pat the small mammals at dawn and dusk. Only these creatures are living with you always, for they are your dreams and visions of future possibilities. Breathe in and sense them now. It will not be long before they become the present for you.

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Being At One With All.

Being At One With All.

The heat will rise up from the road on a hot summer’s day. The plants in your garden will droop and drop away from the sun until later rehydrated in the cool of night. Pets seek shelter and humans will take to walking in the shade wherever possible. The commonality in this is you all adapt.

Within your innate nature you will look after yourself and protect yourself without even thinking about it. This is the beauty of nature: it will function automatically in order to preserve it’s survival and well-being.

Now let’s look at your thoughts. These may appear to you as “automatic” at times for they will have their patterns and predictability for many of you. How well do these patterns serve you? Are these thoughts adding to your sense of happiness? Your peace? Your heart?

In instances where they are not uplifting, and more notably dragging you down, it is time for rehydration. Like the flower that wilts on a hot day because external circumstances are experienced as harsh, your thoughts too can force you to shut down and protect yourself. Protect yourself from what though? These are your thoughts and they are nothing more than intangible “thoughts”.

Thoughts are not reality and when you are able to understand this you will experience liberation.

Flow will come into your life for you have created more space for the Divine to enter, for dreams to manifest and goals to come true.

Don’t allow those thoughts and overthinking to block you from the bliss of life that is rightfully yours. Breathe in the cool of the night, that is to say peace of mind, and bloom once more.

Your mind is your servant not the other way around.

In remembering this you can actually experience a thought, and if it fills you with anything less than optimism, fulfilment, or peace you can acknowledge it and let it go. Let it go as a child would a balloon. The thought can drift upwards and away from you.

To ground yourself, pay attention to your senses and what is actually occurring in the moment. Be aware of the weight of your feet connecting to the earth’s knowing core. This will always provide you with the stability needed in any given moment, whether walking, running or stationary.

The physical body was designed to house your spirit. It is the human challenge to know one’s soul or spirit and yet enjoy all the sensations that only a remarkably functioning physical body can experience.

Find the balance between the lightness of being (your connection to your soul) and the stability of a weighted physical presence. When in alignment you will come to understand the magnificence of the two complimenting one another. You can achieve this purely by being fully present in the moment. This is called being at one with all.

Go try it for yourself and enjoy.

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Nature’s Unique Personalities.

Nature’s Unique Personalities.

One blade of grass reaching towards the sun. It allows the rays to slide down its centre and fill its insides with nutritious light. Trusting in the process with deep knowledge that it will be nurtured. 

It is one of many blades of grass, side by side soaking up the sun. While no more important than another blade it has its own significance. Its very own unique personality beyond humans’ imaginational reach.

Let’s talk nature. All of the individual creatures of nature, flora and fauna, have their own personality. Language is not needed for self expression. Not the language that is audible to human ears or senses. Yet if you truly step outside of yourselves, your mental limitations and preconceived notions, can you not honestly say that you have on occasion sensed the personality of a garden lizard or a grasshopper?

Many of you have animals and birds as pets. From this experience you are also aware that no two dogs have the same personality. How do you prove this to each other?

Dogs do not talk your language to you (though they understand more than you might guess). You know this to be true. You have observed enough to comprehend that one pet is very different to another. When you look into their eyes and you can read what is going on, some of you know that there is truth to this. Others second guess themselves and, out of default beliefs, stall on thinking about this any further.

So now let’s take this application of understanding to another level. Ants. Would ants not have their own personalities too? Yes they are much smaller than dogs, but fauna nonetheless.

Let’s dig down a step further. If ants have personalities, would not other living things like plants have personalities? Do you think they just sit there oblivious to all that is going on around them? Definitely not. Again they may not have eyes and ears, they may not speak your language, but they vibrate.

In fact everything is made up of vibration. Quantum physics is speaking to many of so much more to what is – than what is seen and heard by human faculties.

Taking this into account, perhaps one day you will be able to measure the vibrational change in plants to believe this.

In the meantime, digest what feels comfortable for this is not a science lesson. It is me wanting to share more of the magic with you.

If you feel comfortable to try this, when you’re freshly awake the next morning, walk past a plant or tree, drop your guard and ask yourself what it is that you feel from this plant? You may get a sign, you may see an image or you might find yourself smiling.

Magic. It is everywhere when we stop our thinking and just be.

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