Magic is the Daily Reality.

The shadows of footprints left behind many moons ago are still there energetically. Those who walked with wisdom and tradition across the bare earth set forth with intention. They carried purpose in their souls and dreams in their hearts. They looked into the distance, tall and proud, aware of all of the beautiful possibilities they would live during this lifetime, knowing their children would too experience lush treasures. They were wanderers of the land, roaming freely and lightly. For what use is luggage or baggage to one whose spirit is so free?

You forefathers, your foremothers and ancestors had attained much in the understanding of the ways of nature and the pathways of the human soul. Their hearts open, they bestowed an eagerness to guide their children gently and with the intention to pass on the great knowledge that they had lived and also received from their elders.

The magic is this: when they saw a shooting star they knew it would signal the birth, of what was later to be, a wise and respected elder.

One who would arrive in this lifetime with extra knowledge from the Spirits. They might know what concoction to create to cure that snake bite that had eluded others thus far. They might come bearing stories of the stars, never told before, to prepare their people for the changes ahead or the natural disasters that would later occur.

They knew that magic, is of course, everywhere.

They could sense the souls of trees, communicate with the animal spirits and so live in harmony, without fear of extinction, in nature eternally. There was no reason to fear anything at all. For in reading the signs and being connected, they would know when to move on, when to hunt, when to swim or not swim in a water hole.

Humanity has been gifted with the ability to connect with nature on a soul level. To connect with it in a way that language is not needed and still the deep understanding emanates to one’s core.

Your buildings are bold and magnificent. Don’t let them block your view of this innate ability to connect completely with nature. This interconnectedness runs through your veins, your own inner starscape.

Breathe in the air, breathe in nature herself, the trees, the flowers, the salty breeze. Allow yourself to be at one with the eternal elements and sense the magic that your ancestors lived daily.

Reach out, touch the stars and allow this to also be your daily reality.

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