Aligning Your Male and Female Energies.

When feeling stuck, unsure or in disharmony it can be useful to check in with your internal female and male energy. From this deliberate inquiry much can be gained. You can glean insight into your behaviour, your actions or inactions, frustrations, and hopes.
This can also be the key to finding peace within whilst uncovering more of your essential self.


Ready to try this for yourself?


Follow the instructions below:

1. Take a few minutes for yourself.
Breathe in and out a few times, consciously emptying your mind of thoughts, ideas, judgements, expectations (yours and other people’s) – you don’t need these right now and can have them back later.


2. Undertake a body/energy scan.
Next step, whilst breathing in calmly, pay attention to any parts or areas that are calling for your attention. (In my case I’m sensing pressure on the RHS of my forehead).


3. Connect with your male energy.
Feel into the current state of your inner male.
Notice what this energy is, for example is it energetic, clear, curious, impatient, frustrated? Acquaint yourself with this energy, minus analysis, judgement etc.
Now ask your male energy what it would like to say. Listen attentively and patiently. No need to respond. Acknowledge quietly what your male has expressed.


4. Connect into your female energy.
How does this energy feel? Soft, sensuous, sensitive, sad, trusting, reticent? Only you can know exactly the feelings and energy emanating from your inner female. Allow yourself to witness the emotions being shown.


Similarly, ask your inner feminine what she would like to tell you. Again listen closely and with patience, sans judgment. When she is finished acknowledge quietly all that has been expressed.


5. Gain new awareness.
Ask yourself “What new awareness do I now posess?” What do you need to accept, give or do for yourself? You can write these down or take note of them yourself.


6. Connecting your male and female energies.
If you want to take this a step further… or try another approach, after feeling into both male and female energies, invite them to communicate with each other.


I did this just now and here is what occurred to help explain how this can work to create harmony within:


Male: I just want to get out there, get moving and move on already. I’m frustrated being held back.


Female: I understand this. However I view this as a time to step back and allow things to unfold. There is a lot to learn approaching life this way, this time around.


Male: Yes, but I want to get you out of here and protect you. There’s so much space to discover more out there. I’m ready.


Female: I hear you. Only the stillness to experience life as I let go and stay is important. I need to be here for me first, to keep loving me before leaping ahead. I’m happy to move forward, but with my cup full first. Can we wait a little more and watch together?


Male: Yes. I trust you.
I could have gone into judgement mode of either energy. No need to though. What was expressed needed to be expressed and I felt calm and balanced once more. The tension in my right brow was released.



7. Connecting your balanced energies with Source 
Once you have connected your male and female energies in discussion, you will sense a new harmonies balance. Both of these energies will ease into calmness after being heard and reconnecting to align with one another for your greater good!


You are now ready to align these two energies with the wisdom of Source. Allow your mind to empty once more, as in very first step. Now allow the divine light of the Source energy to fall all over, around and through you. Ask Source for any guidance that is for the highest intention of both your male and female energies. Listen closely. Some will feel a sensation, others will receive words, a knowingness and/or visions.


Alternatively you may notice messages are sent as you go about your day or dream at night. Write them down before you forget any messages relayed in dreams.


You are on track. You are aligned and always in good hands. Ten points to you for taking the time to create harmony within.


Please comment on how it went for you below. Did you find inner harmony once more? What will you change, or not, having checked in?


Love and light to you all,
Sin 💛🙏🌟


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