QUANTUM: Discover The Unlimited Expanse “That Is”.

The concepts of “infinite” and “unlimited” are challenging for the default human way of thinking. This is due to the prominence of ego-centric thinking as the imbalanced ego views itself as a living being with a “finite” amount of time to exist. It projects this framework on to all other matters.

You will view the age of the Earth as finite, doing your best to estimate how long it has and will exist. You calculate the entire distances of continents and the altitudes of mountains. Having collated an insurmountable amount of “fixed” or “finite” data of your surrounds and even inner workings, collectively your minds become lulled with a level of stable and dependable knowledge supporting your desired perception of “limited” time.

It may come as no surprise then that the human mind will struggle with concepts of quantum and outer space. For neither are finite, measurable, or fixed.

Hence the ego-centric qualified mind, irrespective of the spiritual comprehension one may apply, experiences difficulty for it still defers to quantifiable calculation. Neither outer space nor quantum can be measured or defined (confined). You will hear spiritual leaders and guides, including Deepak Chopra, instruct you to let go of “mind” and “thinking” to comprehend quantum possibility. It is the absence of all thought, and connection to thought that your be-ing can just be and hence access quantum reality. You have let go of thinking and leave your ego at the door.

Quantum is often explained as being nothing and yet, the absence, the nature of “no thing” still makes it something.

I have experienced quantum level presence. In truth, I was first led to this being-ness while viewing a Deepak Chopra online course and later found myself, while meditating and connecting to Source energy, dissolve into endless quantum. It is an experience of pure peace, complete quiet and never-ending nothingness… dark and black. Yet in juxtaposition… light exists. It is not something we could see using our eyes but can perceive in another manner using additional senses.

We can be in more than one place at one time. We can visit or become “quantum conscious” and still hear the sounds of the 3D reality around us: the traffic outside, a dog barking nearby etc. This is quantum in your here and now. It is not another dimension, it is not even a parallel Universe. We exist in quantum reality, only we consider our building blocks of human form to be larger and consequently more significant. Thus we may not notice the invisible world of energy around us.

Quantum space mirrors our 3D reality in its unlimited possibility, multi-dimensional opportunities, shape shifting at each decision that we create. It is one, it is the same.

The smaller we go there is nothing (quantum). The larger we go (outer space) we perceive there is nothing. Only there is always something: vibration/energy. The vibration, the energy is the “Divine Spark”… we are each a “Divine Spark”. All that has occurred, occurs and will occur (simultaneously) is a “Divine Spark”.

Every thought you have and every action you take is a “Divine Spark”. It is animate, it is a vibration. This vibration travels the endless realms of quantum and 3D reality and will impact others, your environment and energy fields around you that you share with others.

The breath you exhale will travel ceaselessly. Trees and plants converting your CO2 back to O2 for yourself and others. We are connected. We are one.

The energy in your cells, keeping you alive, pulsing blood through your circulatory system, pumping your heart, activating each thought and sensory experience is physical consciousness in action. When you transform and leave your body, this Divine Spark still exists and has a consciousness of its energetic existence. While set free of a heavy case it experiences quantum expansiveness. Free of “thinking mind” it is simply conscious of unlimited love, knowledge and wisdom – minus analysis. In this state your relation to pure energy instantly is “One”.

Come back to your is-ness as One right now, here in this human form. Use your additional senses, abandon thinking mind and discover the unlimited expanse that “is”. In this expansive state you will be liberated from the perception of yourself as a “limited physical being” and will be the expansiveness “that is”… as expansive as the infinite Universe itself.

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