Clearing Unwanted Energies

Many of you reading this article are HSP (Highly Sensitive People) and/or empaths. This makes you particularly more susceptible to noticing and “feeling” others energies. Often we may have trouble discerning whose energy is whose. Is this fear mine or from the colleague I was just talking to?

It can be confusing as we’re not always sure whether these feelings are signalling that we need attention, to let go, or even look into some more self-development, or if it is simply energy trapped in our aura (energetic field) freely floating around and dragging us down.

Clients will inform me that they feel drained a lot and fatigued. Others are fully aware that they are absorbing and carrying other people’s energies and are overwhelmed. They will contact me for a session to clear and reset them energetically. While I happily provide small group energy work online and 1:1 sessions for people, I also like to share tips so that we can support ourselves to better manage our gifts out there in the 3D world.

I will admit that as an energy worker I have found myself increasingly more sensitive to others, their emotions and energy. However I do still want to do the shopping with my little one, knowing that I won’t return home carrying someone else’s anxiety or feel unnecessarily drained (and not just because I spent the last hour chasing after her in the shopping centre!).

Hence I have put together a list of tips that you can apply to clear and prevent unwanted energies.

8 Tips on Clearing & Preventing Unwanted Energies

1. Jump in the ocean – salt water cleanses energies and helps remove negativity, both your own and other peoples’. If you live in the northern hemisphere in colder climates you can try jumping in ice showers.

Photo of man swimming in the ocean

2. If you’re not near the ocean or not a fan of cold water try adding sea salt or epsom salts to your bath. Alternatively fill a jug with salty water (sea salt and shower water) and pour it over the top of your head while showering. For empaths this can be applied daily. I like to visualise the salty water cleansing my body and energetic being as I pour it.

3. Purchase a spray mist, made by an authentic company, that is designed to clear your energy and/or provide protection. (I will be sharing soon products from a new company set up by a dear friend who is magical. I use her mist all the time and also my wife, who is very energetically sensitive, uses one daily with clients.)

Or you can purchase essential oils like lavender, frankincense, sage and even lemon and use in a diffuser. Lavender is a great one and you can always apply this to your temples and third eye (when not channeling). Similarly you can burn incense including Frankincense, or burn sage smudge sticks or Palo Santo Wood around and above your being.

4. Ask the Angels, your guides or Source to clear any energy that is not yours. (I always ask Source, I prefer to go straight to the top.)

Image of an angel in light

5. Bubble up each day before work or coming into contact with others. Use white light of the Divine as a protective energy layer… keeping other peoples energies outside of yours. Drop the bubble when you return home. This is useful for empaths, HSP, and anyone else energetically sensitive.

6. Know when to have boundaries. As natural born healers, and/or awakening souls, light workers, starseeds etc. it’s as if others sense this and “want” something that we have. Only they are more inclined to dump on us or take from us, even if they are not aware that this is what they are doing. Notice when you need to cut a conversation or connection short, of even change the topic being discussed. Choose not to give when this feels best for you. You’re a loving soul and you have your needs and limits that feel right for you. Both are worth respecting.

7. None of us can save the whole world. Our natural impulse may be to get in there and help or even try to rescue someone. First ask yourself the following:

* Does this person want my help? Have they asked me for help?

* Do I wish to help right now? Am I doing this out of habit, or to feel good about myself or for a greater purpose?

* Will my assistance or guidance be received or heard? Is this person actually ready and willing to grow or is this a repetitive dynamic that leads to me feeling exhausted and frustrated?

* Can I let go of my need to “help” if this is my ideal option?

8. Try an affirmation, better still declare this to the Universe;

“I call all energy that serves my highest intention and experience in to my realm. I release all negative energies knowing they will transmute into pure white light once more.”

What are your favourite techniques to clear unwanted energies? Please comment below to share with others.

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