Evolutionary Guidance for 2019

As we enter 2019 we grasp a greater understanding of the rise in consciousness in humanity and its connection to dynamic shifts in Earth and the entire Universe. There are some key points that each of us can benefit from including a reminder to stay true, stay bold and honest throughout the year as we move to significant changes in 2020.

Listen to your inner voice as it guides you individually towards a collective that beholds unconditional love as it’s core value and purpose.

We have been on this journey for sometime, and though 2019 may hold some challenges, it also has some gems and will create even more space for all to unfold beautifully in 2020.

Want to know more? Watch the YouTube clip below.

Happy New Year everyone!

Love and light,


Music: Tanked by Pilot Darcy

2 thoughts on “Evolutionary Guidance for 2019

  1. Just read this. It’s lovely. Thanks Sin. Here’s to an enlightening, wonderful and sparkly 2019 for you and everyone around the globe 🙏🏼 😃💜


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