April Savings are Silver Linings

As we navigate the significant shifts in our outside world many are undergoing growth spurts personally and spiritually. The growing pains aren’t always fun. I have had a few of my own of late so I hear you! A gentle reminder to make sure you reach out to friends and family, and know that I am ready to provide support at this time.

While we feel like we’re going it alone we never truly are. We are being guided every step of the way as the new world enters incrementally. Trust me, we have got this. You have got this.

“A time of growth spurts deserves silver linings.”

I have discounted one hour 1:1 Pure Guidance and Energy Work sessions by 25% – now $90. Book in now online! Also my growing online guided meditation group is half price and only $10. Be sure to check these out as they apply only during April.

May these specials and free seminar below lift your spirits and help you realign with your shiny self. And don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to uncover more about how I may be able to support you. 

Love and light to you all,


SAVE 50%:

Join our growing group of shiny souls around the globe as we evolve and self heal during these highly transformational guided meditations on a Wednesday morning. 

We are bringing in the light for ourselves and the world in seen and unseen ways. 

  • Meditation starts at 10am (AEST) 
  • 45 minutes long 
  • Online using Zoom
  • Fee: $10 per meditation during April specials!

Book now!

FREE Online Seminar:
Hearts Awaken

The truth is our hearts are folding back layers and layers to reveal more truth. We may feel tender and vulnerable as we navigate our relationships (intimate and otherwise) from this space. Many of us are finding again that we can’t even do our old ways and the new are knocking at our heart centres. Join Sin and Neha for channeled guidance and a friendly Q&A as we uncover the further awakening of our hearts in these time of great shift.

  • Have all of your burning questions answered on matters of the heart during this ongoing awakening.
  • Online Seminar – anyone, anywhere can join in!
  • Starts Saturday 18 April 1pm – 2pm (AEST)

We may use your email to promo upcoming seminars so please indicate if this isn’t ok 🙂

Register for FREE!


PURE GUIDANCE Sessions are only $90 during April!

Save 25% off all one hour readings and energy work sessions. It’s a time for all to give and receive more so may this alleviate any current stresses for you. Remember you don’t need to face the uncertainty alone. I am only a phone call or FaceTime video away. 

To preserve everyone’s best health all sessions are online until further notice.

  • Visit link below to see all session times  
  • You can claim one discounted session only 
  • Offer ends Thurs 9pm 30th April, 2020

Book your reading online!


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