For now world, simply let me be

Space. Void. It does not require you to fill it up. Not with thoughts. Not with ideas. Not with what you know, nor with “I know”. It does not expect this and neither it is an option. 

Space is space.

Unknowing is unknown until it unfolds to be otherwise and recycles back into unknowingness.

With this knowledge of “not knowing” how will you be? How will you proceed in your now moment? Humans continue to struggle with such challenges. The attachments to timelines, to knowing, needing to be right, to be prepared and therefore plan is akin to scurrying ants. Only ants do not require the adoption of central planning methods. Individually they are able to use pheromone scent to direct their behaviours. Humans on the other hand, we like to analyse, theorise, compromise and at times terrorise then perhaps navigate a path forward. Sometimes we allow others to do this for us. At other times we do it to ourselves. 

I am aiming for vertical truth. To shoot up through the ant hill until the frequencies reverberating through sun drenched particles tickle my pineal receptor, until the galactic symphonies bounce and merge to create novel chord progressions for my soul to absorb. 

I am ready to be in a place of all rhythms and no rhythm at once. How do I express myself to you? How can you better make sense of my experiences or my understanding? I do not know. For this could result in more thoughts and extra analysis that may only harass the serene bouncers filtering disharmony at the door of the Concert of Void. 

Space is welcome here. Endless room invited. Gentle unfolding always guaranteed. It is ok to to state intentionally, “For now world, simply let me be.” 

It is ok to be at peace with oneself in a state of unknowing. While the answers may well be on their way, they are not needed for you to rest and pause on your journey. Remember, there is always a Divine Plan, and even if you can’t see it, know this at least to be true. How do I know for certain? Daily I get to tap into the Universal Intelligence and download from the Divine energy itself, to reveal such truths to clients. You are taken care of. So for now relax and let go of any need to validate yourself for doing so.

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